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Akai Professional MPD32
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The AKAI MPD32 MIDI/USB software control surface. Superb controller, the power of MPC creativity for your own sequencer.The AKAI MPD32 is the ultimate velocity and pressure-sensitive pad controller for musicians and DJs. Modeled after the industry-standard MPC series, the MPD 32 delivers the most expressive software beat control available anywhere. Sixteen velocity and pressure-sensitive genuine MPC pads provide the industry's finest feel and expression. Four selectable pad banks for a total of 64 playable pads, eight assignable faders, eight assignable switches and eight assignable, 360 knobs for transmitting MIDI Control Change data, all combine for unprecedented creative freedom. Three selectable control banks extend the number of available faders, buttons and knobs to 24 each. Two assignable footswitch inputs and an expression pedal input takes the total assignable controller count to 75 the most by far in any pad controller. The Akai MPD32 also features transport controls for interfacing with DAW /sequencing applications. The MPD32 is a fully programmable controller and multifunctional control surface that fits perfectly within any production or performance environment. <strong>The main features of the AKAI MPD32 include:</strong>Superb controller, the power of MPC creativity for your own sequencer MIDI synced note-repeat with MPC swing 16 full-sized, genuine MPC pads with velocity and pressure-sensitive response Assignable switches, sliders and endless knobs for a total of 72 controllers 2 assignable Foot Switches 1 assignable Foot Pedal controller Large, easy-to-read custom LCD display 30 user-definable Presets for various DAW and software applications MMC /MIDI Start/Stop transport buttons for interfacing with DAW /sequencing applications


Akai Pro to announce the MPC RENAISSANCE

I'm interested in the slim also, it depends if just a glorified MPD32 though.

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MI Maschine Studio

First off, it's very obvious you've never even used Maschine so why are you pretending you know what you're talking about? Second, using Live and a MPD doesn't come anywhere close to the totally hands-on hardware-based workflow of Maschine, even with custom scripts, as it will lack the total integration like Maschine which allows you to...

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Midi Control App for UAD Apollo Console

I am playing around with this using an akai mpd32. Amazing app!!! So useful. I have no idea how you did this. I have a couple of questions. 1)When I have two channels mapped and then link them. The mapping disappears when I unlink them. Any ideas how to make that stick without...

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