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MPC 1000

Akai Professional MPC 1000
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MPC1000 inherits all of the essential MPC features such as 32-voice stereo sampling, 64-track sequencing, and 16 velocity and pressure-sensitive MPC pads, fitting all the production capability into a compact, affordable package. 16MB of on-board memory comes standard and can be expanded up to 128MB. You can save your work to a Standard Compact Flash Card (up to 2GB). A preloaded CF card with popular Akai Pro samples is included to get you going.

When connected to a Mac or PC via its built-in USB port, you can simply drag and drop data between the computer and MPC1000's CF card. MPC1000 is small, rugged and incredibly portable for an easy fit into a backpack or laptop bag for the traveling producer.

The MPC1000 like the 2500 and 500 can use the aftermarket JJ OS operating system, which adds functionality.


MPC live

...levels of the very first sequence are kept. Am I screwed ? do I need to get my old trusty mpc 1000 out of the closet for recording purpose only ?

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Happy with your setup? What lessons have you learned?

...but a TR8S would already break the complexity treshold, I guess. Cost of learning this lesson: Electribe A, AN200, RM1x, MC-307, MPC1000. Solution: DAW. I am not a big mixing desk person. I greatly enjoy the flexibility a big audio interface with lots of I/O gives me and am still waiting for RME to make something with...

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Ensoniq LOVE!

I am not big on learning sequencing on the SQ-80 either. Now if there was some software, besides Midiquest that would allow me to piano roll on the PC and then port the sysex to the SQ-80 I would be happy. Really basic stuff, as I am not used to anything besides the TT-78, Tom Cat, Rhythm Wolf type...

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