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Advanced Audio Microphones CM87
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The CM87 is a large-diaphragm, three-pattern, fet condenser microphone that features our double-diaphragm/double back-plate, 6-micron AK67 type capsule and Class A transformer-coupled amplifier design. It is well suited for recording vocals or instruments in any studio or live application.

The CM87 is built to a very high standard and offers a remarkably full yet well-defined and ultra-clean sound that is perfectly suited to the most demanding radio, dialogue and recording tasks. Its pickup pattern can be configured as omni, cardioid, or figure-eight.

The CM87 has 14dB more headroom than traditional fet/transformer circuits.


Affordable LDC Microphone With Multiple Voicings

I have lots of mics probably voice,conga,overs/rooms/kick out...I think I need a CM87 or Warbler for some 87ish sounds in my life or maybe a cpl CM1's?

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Affordable LDC Microphone With Multiple Voicings

...I picked up a Kel HM2 and ended up not digging it at all. I even tried an Advanced Audio CM87. Still, no joy. Mic after mic entered my booth and none of them hit the sweet spot for me. Then, as it happened, one of the cool Slutters on this thread was selling...

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How to get amazing guitar recordings?

Sometimes a guitar that sounds ok isolated (and I think this one sounds ok), doesn’t sound good in a mix, other times it’s the inverse, a guitar that sounds like crap isolated sounds great in a mix. This concept extends to other instruments as well - sometimes a significantly thinned out piano in the lower end...

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