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Advanced Audio Microphones CM47fet
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The Advanced Audio CM47 fet presents a remarkably full, very clean and well-defined sound that is perfectly suited to recording close vocals or instruments in the studio, as well as to live and dialogue applications.

The CM47 fet is a large-diaphragm cardiod/omni-only condenser microphone based on the famous Neumann U-47 fet design. It features a capsule with dual 5-micron diaphragms and a Class A amplifier coupled into a transformer-balanced output. It also features a de-emphasis circuit that reduces sibilance.


32mm 5-micron dual-diaphragm capsule
Omni and cardioid pickup patterns, switched from the body
Class A fet/discrete transformer-coupled circuit
-10dB pad switched from rear body

Frequency response: 25Hz to 20kHz
Distortion: 0.5% @ 125dB
Impedance: <200 ohms
Noise: -17dB (A-weighted)
Now offered with a heavy duty shock mount

48V requirement
Aluminum road case


Advanced audio microphones, what's the word?

I bought the CM47 tube from Dave... He's a great guy and I'm very happy with my buy. A friend bought 2 CM47 Fet from him and they are also great.

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Affordable LDC Microphone With Multiple Voicings

So I own a AA CM47 FET, a Stellar CM-6 and a 3U Warbler IV and I am just happy that these great tools are available and affordable for those of use on a budget. I think the education that this thread has provided and the knowledge that the posters have is invaluable...

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Drum Overhead Recommendation - C214/Mini K47/??

...makes a better cap than AKG does currently. Pre 1990 AGK is a huge step up in quality and cost. two CM47fet are within budget. Ribbons. Cascade makes some decent lower cost ribbons. Take a look at recording hacks big ribbon shootout. The Cascade mic's performed well at that price point. There are samples as drum...

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