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ADAM Audio S2V
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The S2V is a classic two-way nearfield monitor designed for use in small-to-medium-sized control rooms.

The 7-inch bass driver, newly created from the ground up for the S Series, covers frequencies ranging from 35 Hz to 3 kHz and delivers a powerful, distortion-free low-end with a wide dynamic range. The carefully refined S-ART tweeter, handbuilt as ever at the ADAM Audio factory in Berlin, works seamlessly in tandem with the newly developed HPS waveguide, creating absolutely precise imaging within a generously proportioned sweet spot.

The S2V’s compact dimensions belie its impressive power. A 300 W Class D amplifier drives the woofer while a 50 W Class A/B unit handles the S-ART tweeter; the combined output produces SPLs of up to 120dB per pair.

The S Series’ custom-designed DSP optimizes the loudspeaker crossovers to create linear responses for the entire range, as well as providing user equalization and in-room tuning/voicing functions. The DSP also handles the limiter-based high-frequency driver protection, processes the signals from the AES3 digital inputs, and will in time facilitate various expansion options. Software updates can be carried out with ease via the associated USB port, which also allows users to connect computers and control the speakers’ DSP functions via a software front-end.

With its highly accurate frequency response and balanced, razor-sharp imaging, the S2V allows users to pinpoint even the most subtle audio details, making it an ideal choice for use in demanding studio environments.

German Handmade Precision S-ART Tweeter with HPS Waveguide
7“ Woofer (Hexacone)
Cumulated Amp. Power RMS: 350 W
Frequency Response: 35 Hz - 50 kHz
Max. SPL Per Pair at 1 m: ≥120 dB
AES3 Digital Inputs And Various Expansion Options


ADAM Audio Introduces the S Series Range of Studio Monitors

...version of ADAM’s renowned X-ART hand-built tweeter. The S Series is comprised of five models of increasing size, the S2V, S3H, S3V and the largest-of-the-range S5V and S5H. Innovations created specifically for the S Series include: completely new, highly efficient long throw ELE™ Extended Linear Excursion woofers; one-piece DCH™ ...

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Any ADAM S3V or S3H Users here ? How do you like them ?

Are they even shipping yet?!?! I plan to get the S2V. I heard them here in Houston. They all sound wonderful.

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Adam S2V vs Unity Audio III/Super Rock

Need to downsize from my Adam S4As since my room shrunk (plus I want to work mobile going ahead). Either going Adam S2V or Unity Audio Rock III or Super Rock. Anyone got any experience of these head to head? It's really tricky arranging loan units during Lockdown!

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