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Virus TI2 Polar

Access Music Virus TI2 Polar
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37-key Analog Modeling Synthesizer and 24-bit/192kHz USB Audio/MIDI Interface


Sequential Prophet 6

...actually played the synth comment on the keybed quality? I have a Nord Stage 2 SW73 and an Access Virus TI2 Polar and both have excellent synth keybeds. I would hope that this unit would have a high-quality keybed as well. Thanks- -dj

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Storm Mastering - a mastering NE room in a military fort

...Bigger than some booths :lol: You can see some "gear" on that picture : - Ncore NC500 monoblock - Nord modular G2 - Access Virus TI2 Polar in the flightcase - some aged wines shiee As the casemate is burried underground, we have some pretty unusual geothermal freshness. Two weeks ago it was 30° celcius outside everyday, It was 15°...

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Will I lose anything selling a Virus TI for a Hydrasynth?

...collection if you feel like you’ve overused the Virus. I had the Virus for the longest! Had a Virus TI2 Polar back in 2007, then I bought a TI2 Polar when it released, when the Darkstar TI2 came about, I just had to get it. I actually own two. One I use now, and...

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