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User: Jonathan Race
Registered: Aug 11, 2010
Listings Submitted: 1 listing
Last seen: 01/22/18 - 02:09:55
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Building mastering portfolio (free)

Description: Summary: Will master your songs in exchange for promo, will bump thread at regular intervals when I have time to master new songs. Please read all of post for rules. Anybody that wants standard mastering and doesn’t want their song used for portfolio my rate is £17 per track. PM me if interested or for more info

Ok a bit about my history, I used to run an online mastering company. I didn’t get enough work to go full time but it made a nice supplemental income as well as boosting my audio skills. I have 10 years experience working with audio, have mastered tracks for artists across multiple genres (many that have been released), used to charge £25 a track and this was my setup:-

K&H O300’s
Benchmark DAC1

SSL Buss-Comp Clone

Various other plugins

Now I’ve simplified my setup, I run completely ITB with my Benchmark DAC1 and Sennheiser HD600’s. I want to get into doing a little mastering again but realize that it’s hard to get a lot of credit with my “minimal setup”, however… I feel I can still do a decent job.

What I want is to build up a portfolio of masters with this new setup as proof that I can still operate on a “limited” setup.

I will post in this thread occasionally to offer mastering of one of your tracks for no monetary cost. In return I ask that you tell people who mastered your track e.g if you post it on Facebook (you don’t need to go out and start shouting it from the rooftops! Also you don’t have to put a “mastered by” every time you promote your track, just once is nice).

This will also cost you (applies to all accounts you are registered with):-
x1 Facebook like
x1 Soundcloud follow
x1 Youtube Subscribe
x1 Twitter follow

These are for my alias accounts. I’m asking for this because as well as building a portfolio I am in the later stages of finishing an album and am trying to give the following a little push leading up to release. I think it’s a fair trade off, liking a couple of accounts takes what a couple of minutes? compared to the 30-60 minutes it will take to master your song.

As well as my own promo for my music I will be posting more information on things like mixing and mastering on these accounts
Submitted: 09/27/17
Views: 19

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