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User: slipperydip
Registered: Nov 03, 2007
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Last seen: 04/30/16 - 03:54:04
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Remote mix engineer required for single pop track - quick!!

Description: Hi, I have a 3.5 minute pop song I need mixed... well recorded, live drums, DI'd bass, reamped guitars and originals included. There will be a few guitar parts, some keys (rhodes, wurlitzer), bass, drums and vox with some BVs.... pretty typical setup. I use logic but would supply wav files that all start at the same point, or put it into a protools session if it saves time. Have done this many times before (take things out of logic into tools) and it works great.

This info may be a bit superfluous... but everything is in time, in tune, well performed and recorded at 24/96 using good mics (sm7, u47, m88 etc.) and pres (great river, JLM) through Lynx Aurora. ie. there will be no turd polishing, out of time drums and crap performances involved...

I am finishing off some tracks at the moment and need a mix done late next week or next weekend... I need it finished this month. I am easy going and can chat on skype etc. if it helps. I would prefer it if you can save your settings so we can go back and fourth quickly a couple of times if required to tweak volume levels on vox, delays or whatever tweaks are required after a few listens.

I am only looking for pro mix engineers. I know a fair bit about sound and can mix but I know there are better people out there and they can do a better job in less time than I can... I'm not looking for average mix engineers, I want someone who is a pro with some big releases under their belt. If you fit into that category please send me a message with your details, what you do/use, your philosophy on life (if you like wink and what you would charge for this single track. If the prices come in on budget I will be selecting someone quite quickly (ie. in the next day or so).

Thanks... I'm looking forward to giving this a try, my previous stuff I ended up doing it locally at a place with a Neve console and got excellent results... but because I need this single track done quickly and the fact I think this remote mixing thing can work well... I want to give this a try.
Submitted: 01/14/11
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