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User: Tone Artist
Registered: Mar 01, 2010
Listings Submitted: 0 listings
Last seen: 03/12/12 - 16:48:38
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Pro Tools Teacher Wanted

Description: Tone Artist is looking for an experienced mix engineer to teach an advanced mixing course.

What is the course:

- 'Pro Tools Rock Advanced Mixing' will be a 9 week online course all done via screen capture (we will provide set up guide and screen capture software)

- Classes will run 30min - 1 hour each.

- Teacher can capture all classes in 1 day or as suits your schedule (no need to deliver classes every week)

- The course is aimed at the home studio market.

Engineer Should:

1 - Be a highly qualified Mix Engineer.

2 - Big name mix credits a bonus.

3 - Have a Pro Tools system running version 10 with basic plug inns.

4 - Desire to teach

Please feel free to contact us for more information or send your interest to -


James Martell

Submitted: 03/12/12 (Edited 03/12/12)
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