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User: relaxo
Registered: Jan 12, 2004
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Last seen: 02/23/18 - 12:43:04
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Mercy Sound NYC Seeks Top House Engineer Producer

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Description: Our house engineer since 2010 is now leaving so we are looking for another great music engineer to take his place who has the following qualities:

-Client-focused and friendly.
-Has a deep resume and can record, mix and produce with the best.
-Is very technically minded, equally at home with miking techniques as well as midi remapping and routing and is a high speed Pro Tools wiz.
-Is musical and creative.
-Has an existing client base that will be working with you at the studio.
-Specialist in drum and amp miking, acoustic instrument recording, etc.

Mercy Sound Recording Studios NYC has been around for 12 years, so some of you may have been here before. However, if you haven’t been to our Manhattan location recently, you haven’t been here at all! From 2013-2016, we renovated the entire recording complex and built two more studios. We dramatically increased our support staff and retained the friendliness we’re know for.

Mercy Sound is designed for the highest-end recording and music-making. We are unique in that we specialize in better equipment than any other affordable studio in the city. Each room uses C12 and Neumann U47 and U87 microphones feeding vintage Neve 1073 and API mic preamps. The house drum kits are in a really amazing sounding drum room. Many studio drummers are blown away by it saying it's the best tight sound in NYC. It's punchy and big. We also have a traditional sounding wooden-walled live band room supplemented with many booths. We have many boutique weapons like an 8-channel tube sidecar and analog summing, both from Inward Connections along with loads of best of the best EQs, compressors etc. Mercy has many of the classic keyboards, tube amps and vintage Gibson and Fender guitars and basses in-house as well…and for those producers that prefer to stay inside-the-box, we also have a focus on collecting the warmer and fuller VIs out there. Engineers listen through accurate midfield speakers and then massive mastering speakers that go very loud and deep without distorting in acoustically balanced rooms that translate. The vibe is quick but relaxed and the studios don't look like offices. Visually, you know you're in someplace special.

Feel free to message me with any other questions or if you want to tour our three recording studios and meet the support staff. If you prefer talking, include your telephone number in your P...
Submitted: 04/06/17 (Edited 04/06/17)
Views: 52

East 14th Street
Manhattan NYC, New York 10009
United States of America
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