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The TX802 contains 8 independent tone generators in a compact two-space rack-mountable case, and can produce up to 16-note polyphony. It uses the same sound-producing circuitry as the DX7II synthesizer and can use voice data created for the popular DX7 synthesizer. FEATURES * Eight independent tone generators, each with an individual audio output. * Tone generators can be linked together to play chords of up to 16 notes. * Voice data and all memory parameters can be edited from the front panel. No separate programming device or computer is necessary. * Each of the 8 tone generators uses the same LSI as the DX7|| synthesizer, producing especially clear and powerful FM sounds. * 128 factory preset voices in ROM. * 64 user-programmable voice memories. * 64 user-programmable performance memories. * Microtonal Scales. * Fractional Scaling for precise voicing. * Controller Assign Table allows incoming MlDl Control messages to be reassigned. * Cartridge interface for quick external data storage. (ROM and RAM cartridges are not included.) * Large 40-character two-line illuminated LCD. * Front panel ten-key pad for speedy memory selection and data entry. * Handy tilt stand is attached underneath for a convenient operating angle when the unit is placed on a table


Yamaha TX802 - opinions?

Hey I was wondering if the Yamaha TX802 would be the best way to go for FM synthesized electric piano patches? Any recommendations for clean/glassy sounding electric pianos would be appreciated! (PS: I already own a DX7 MK1 and TX81Z)

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Starting over: Going 100% rackmount!

...from a bunch of synths to some classic racked/module versions (MKS-30/50/70/80, Voyetra 8, RSF Kobol Expanders, Matrix 12 -> Xpander, TX-802, etc) and ended up hating it even with the various Roland programmers. Having the sound controls physically separated from the keys/wheels always felt like it slowed me down when I was editing...

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Why FM? (Yamaha style)

I wouldn’t say that FM8 is “anemic” but it’s also not a DX7. I find it fun and pretty intuitive, and the things you can do with it in terms of op feedback and filtering are pretty great. But, I’d suggest that if you really want to study old school Yamaha FM ala DX7, just...

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