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The Yamaha TX7 FM Expander is a MIDI controllable digital FM tone generator system which can dramatically expand the potential of the Yamaha DX7 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer. lt also functions with other Yamaha DX series synthesizers. The TX7 incorporates a 32 voice memory as well as 32 programmable function memories containing the effect data for all 32 voices. There are also 32 function memories available primarily for use with the Yamaha DX7 digital FM synthesizer. Voices and function parameters can be transferred to and from other MIDI equipment via the MIDI interface. The TX7 also incorporates a cassette data interface that offers convenient mass storage and retrieval of FM voices as well as functions.


Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

here my basement :) There is also a waldorf pulse, tx81z, tx7, mono/poly, esq-1, normodular 1 + g2, integra, tg77, an1x, sy 22 but they didnt make it on the pictures it seems :)

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TX7 display with backlight

...knowledge is only good, never fails. Thank you gearslutz for existing!kfhkh Now for the subject here: I recently bought a TX7 (always wanted a Yamaha FM-synthesis hardware to fiddle with..), because i got nostalgic of my younger years at school and the music vibes of the new thing called DX7.. After i got the TX7,...

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Recommend a poly module for my needs

If you liked the Volca fm, why not just get a TX7?

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