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Welcome to RM800 RM800 is a high-performance recording mixer designed for use with the new breed of digital multitrack recorders, be they tape or hard disk based. RM800 is available in two versions: 16 input module and 24 input module. The number of input modules is the only difference between the two, and this User’s Guide applies equally to both. To take best advantage of RMBOO’S mixing features, please read this User’s Guide thoroughly. RM800 is an in—line recording mixer. This means that input signals (i.e. micro-phones and instruments) and multitrack output signals are handled by the same input module and can share resources, such as EQ and faders. For example, when recording you don’t generally require EQ to monitor multitrack signals. You use it on the input signals being recorded (i.e. microphones and instruments). During mixdown, however, you do. The M/L—TAPE switch at the top of each input module allows you to select which signal gets to use the EQ, SIGNAL/PEAK indicators, fader, and assign switchesr Usually the more important signal: input signal for recording, multitrack signal for mixdown. RM800 Features - 56 inputs at mixdown on RM800—24 (40 on RM800—16) - Balanced XLR and phone jack inputs - 48V phantom power for condenser microphones - Low-noise head amplifiers - Equivalent input noise: —128dB - Frequency response: 20Hz—20kHz +1, —2dB - T.H.D: less than 0.1% (2OHZ—2OkHz @ +14dB) - Channel separation: 70dB - 20dB input pad - SIGNAL and PEAK LED indicators - Three-band EQ with sweepable mid band - Four auxiliary sends and one stereo send (also used for monitoring) - Direct module outputs for direct to multitrack recording - Eight input modules with insert points for processor patching - Comprehensive PFL/AFL monitoring - Ten 11—segment LED meters - Metering and monitoring for all master outputs - Four stereo auxiliary returns - 100 mm smooth-travel faders - Dedicated two—track inputs with monitor facility - Insert points for stereo and group 7—8 outputs - +4dB and —10dB stereo and group outputs - ST SUB IN for input expansion


picked up a Yamaha RM800 24-channel ..what was the MSRP New?

The Yamaha RM800 24 channel mixer was from 1996 and I was able to pick one up cheap. I wonder what the MSRP (USA) was back in 1996? Google search doesn't say and all online retailers long ago dropped this old mixer from their price listings.

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Don't always want to turn the computer on

I bought a 90's Yamaha RM800 24:8 a few months ago for $400 just for this purpose. My interface is a RME UFX with 12 analog inputs. The RM800 can send 16 tracks to tape (UFX) so I can utilize all 12 UFX inputs at once. I don't have to turn on my...

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Using a live console in the studio?

Interesting. I'm still debating purchasing the console. I also found a used Yamaha RM800 24 channel recording console.

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