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The REX50 is a remarkably versatile, compact multi-effects unit that can be used by guitarists, keyboardplayers, home recording enthusiasts, mixing engineers — anyone involved with music. It offers a selection of 30 top-quality effects including digital reverberation, gated reverb, echo, flange, phase and a group of superb distortion effects. The distortion effects actually combine distortion with other effects (reverb, flange, etc.) for extraordinary sound processing versatility. In addition to the 30 prepmgrammed memory locations, there are 60 “user memory locations” which can be used to store your own edited versions of the preset effect programs, so you can recall your own effect creations anytime they are necessary. The REX50 is also MIDI compatible so you can select effects via remote MIDI control.


Lo-fi reverb rack units with character?

The Yamaha Rex50 is a table top unit of the SPX-50D, which is essentially an SPX-90 with great/terrible digital distortion and gate... (I know the spx90 was mentioned above, just thought I would through in the spx50d as an alternative.... Quadraverb/MidiverbII definitely... if you can find one, the Zoom9030 (1/2...

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups of my favourites. Also love pedals and weird old FX boxes - you can just make out a Yamaha REX-50 under the table. Last major purchase was the MPC-1000 which I'm only just beginning to discover the power of, but good to be back sequencing unquantised drums after step sequencing with Pyramid for a...

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Synths you totally changed your opinion on.

I've got a slightly broken Micron that needs an output fixing, so I've not got into it yet. Looks like it's chorus/flanger/phaser into delay/reverb. The Ineko effects are great, lots of character there. I had a Nanosynth for a while and the effects on that seemed really bad, quite strange for Alesis. They...

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