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The Reface CS from Yamaha is an analog modeling synthesizer offering simple controls and complex sounds in a small size. Based on the CS-80 synthesizer, the CS or "Control Synthesizer" is a re-imagined interface providing 8-note polyphony with five oscillator modules capable of creating a variety of sounds from analog to digital. The CS's front panel offers dedicated sliders for all functions, making sound design and exploration fast and easy. The oscillator section offers five waveforms with additional texture and mod controls, while the 18 dB-per-octave low-pass filter offers cutoff frequency and resonance controls. The envelope generator features the classic attack, decay, sustain, and release (ADSR) controls. An envelope generator balance slider assigns the control to the filter when at the top, or the amplifier at the bottom, and blends the two when placed in the middle. The LFO or low-frequency oscillator offers a fixed waveform with a four way switch to route the signal to pitch, filter, amplifier, or off. Additional features include a pitch-bend lever, built in stereo speakers, a dedicated volume control, an octave slider, and a looper section which operates a phrase looper for recording and playing back multiple, overlaid loop phrases. On-board effects include distortion, chorus/flange, phaser, and delay with additional controls for depth and time. The CS can be switched between mono and poly and offers portamento or glide. The miniature 37-note keyboard utilizes the same High Quality (HQ) technology as Yamaha's flagship Motif XF workstation keyboard, offering a premium feel and fast response for accurate and natural playing. The CS can be powered by 6 "AA" batteries and offers a foot control connection for hands-free volume control. Other connections include two unbalanced 1/4" / 6.35mm outputs, a stereo 1/4" / 6.35mm headphone output, a stereo mini TRS 1/8" / 3.5mm input, and a mini-DIN connector providing MIDI in and out. Additionally, a USB connection is offered for connecting the instrument to a computer or iOS device. Although there is no preset memory, an iOS app is available to work as a librarian with parameters responding to MIDI CC controller data. The CS synthesizer ships with a power adapter and a MIDI breakout cable.


The Age of Smurfed synths

1.What does "smurfed" mean? 2. What do you mean by "generic"? Which genre? The VA genre? A Reface CS sounds like a Virus C? 3. You honestly think major international corporations give an f what happens on audio forums? 4. How many "underage fanboys" have $500+ laying around for synths? Also, what do you mean...

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Yamaha Reface.. yes

Finally got to play on the Reface CS. Not much to say that hasn't already been covered before. It has a limited palette and it sounds fairly bland and VA'ish but there are definitely some patches that will put a tingle down your back. I couldn't really dial in anything that any run-of-the-mill VA...

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What Synth Should I Get?

Reface CS ticks all your boxes very well and is 300 dollars or so

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