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THE PINNACLE OF THE PM SERIES In the 30 years or so that have elapsed since the field of "sound reinforcement" began to evolve from the simple PA systems that were the norm throughout the 60's and early 70's, Yamaha has made significant strides forward. The very first PM console, introduced way back in '72, was a front-line contender in the field with superior performance and features. The PM1000 and then the PM2000 set new standards of quality. The PM4000 became the de-facto industry standard. Each new model in the PM series has traditionally built upon and augmented the strengths of its predecessor, adding new features and functionality that became the templates that others would follow - the matrix mix system introduced on the PM1000 and the PM3000's VCAs are perfect examples. In a sense, Yamaha has led the field of modern console design and production all the way. The same can be said of the incredible PM1D all-digital console, which has essentially defined the role of digital technology in sound reinforcement for the foreseeable future. The evolution continues to this day. The PM5000 is simply the most advanced analog sound reinforcement console in its class. It is a "pure analog" console in the audio sense, and it borrows freely from the world of digital technology to give you unprecedented control flexibility and efficiency. The PM5000 is the culmination of Yamaha's extensive experience and expertise in many areas — professional console design and production, control interface design, and of course sound itself. There's really only one choice if you need the best in terms of capacity, versatility, reliability, and most importantly, unmatched sound quality: the Yamaha PM5000.


Large analog-only Church SR system design advice? stereo with a dedicated center cluster; not necessarily LCR So my idea was a Yamaha PM4000 at FOH and a PM5000 at Monitor Land. All the FOH speakers would be mixed from the PM4000's matrix. Any input would be much appreciated Thanks!

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Behringer X32

...console that sold for $700,000 that now commonly sells for under 30K...(or comes in plug-in form...) or, a Yamaha PM5000 that once cost over 75K... and now fetches 10K online.…. don't even get me started on my ProTools HD rig… post version 10... compatibility! So yes I can identify with your purchase re-sale...

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Yamaha PM Consoles

i have three pm3500's here (which are hardly getting any use anymore). the pm4000 is a bit more convenient and the pm5000 is very good (elton john had one to mix monitors for years, sometimes also used to submix the orchestra) but it came out too late to make an impact on the market as...

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