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NS-10M [original, vertical, clear mids/ harsh highs, 50W max, limted bass (85Hz), most common today]


ATC smc 20 asl vs genelec 8040

Im looking for some monitors to go with my ns10s Im stuck between the genelec 8040 or 8050 and the ATC scm20asl. Ive heard great things about these monitors and how there are in service in a lot of comercial studios. I was thinking about going 3 way, the focal twin 6 be or the...

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Serban Ghenea Mixes - all ITB?

...would have more reasons to use active speakers; speaker protection is very important in that scenario. I hated the NS-10's! Mainly because the thin paper cone and thin fabric surround on the woofers is so prone to failure. Also didn't like the sound. Speaker Selection. I don't want anything TOO good!...

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Acustica Audio releases Erin: luxury mastering suite for the discerning artist

...rock, metal occasionally jazz where a bit of transient reduction, if indeed it's happening, to me is desirable. Everything from NS10 to ATC in treated spaces so it's not monitoring. Could be the grandpa ears though.

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