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61-key Synth Workstation with Semi-weighted Keybed, MOTIF XF Sound Engine, DAW and VST Control, Multi-channel USB Audio Interface, Onboard Sequencing, Flash Expansion Slot, and DAW / VST Software Bundle


New Roland Workstation a good thing!

I was strongly considering getting the moXF6 but wanted to wait to see if Roland would put out a comparable product around NAMM. I'm glad I waited. I'll have to demo it in person, but on paper at least, I think this outperforms both the mox and the Krome. I'm not...

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Novation Peak

...flanger or ensemble (solina) effect. Next firmware upgrade? - Factory presets: these are complex sounds. They sound just like my Yamaha MOXF6 presets, even though the Yamaha is digital in all areas. Conclusion: build your own to make Peak sit in its sweet spot! I made a few close imitations of Roland JX-3P presets, and...

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Yamaha MOXF and MODX

Hi GS! Yesterday I see a gig where the keyboardist had spectacular tones with these 2 keyobards: a Yamaha MOXF6 and a Yamaha MODX8. He used the biggest (88keys) MODX8 mostly for grand piano parts, sometimes pads, and the smaller MOXF6 for synth parts (pads and leads). What are the differences between these 2 keyboards, and...

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