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The MEP4 is a totally new type of device that gives you complete control over MIDI signals. You can use it to change, ignore, filter and delay any type or types of MIDI signals. "What can l do with the MEP4?" The answer is "just about anything," but here are a few examples. Double-tracking: By setting the MEP4 to send a slightly delayed duplicate Note On signal for each one it receives, you can get the sound of two instruments played in unison. You can also set the delayed note to be sent on a different MIDI channel, which will give you two different instruments in unison. Echo: You can delay the MEP4 output, which will give you an echo effect. You can set the MEP4 to send out a note (or notes) a set interval higher or lower than the note it receives, producing an echo of a different note! Keyboard split: Using the MEP4, you can split any MIDI keyboard into up to 4 sections (overlapping sections if you wish), and send Note On messages on a different MIDI channel from each section. Turn your MIDI keyboard into a MIDI Master Controller You can set the MEP4 to change incoming Modulation Wheel messages into outgoing Portamento Time messages. Or change Data Entry +1/—1 messages into Mono On/Poly On messages. Increase or decrease Aftertouch or Velocity Sensitivity: Do you play with a heavy hand? Set the MEP4 to cut in half (or a quarter or an eighth) all Aftertouch or Velocity information. 0r do the same with the Pitch Bend Wheel or Breath Controller Accent notes with another sound: Set the MEP4 to send an additional Note On message to a different tone generator whenever you play a note especially strongly. The uses mentioned above show just a small fraction of the MEP4's possibilities. The MEP4 will multiply the flexibility and power of any MlDl keyboard setup.


Mental hacks for adding variation in songs?

...a melodic phrase can have a surprising counterpart when you reverse each interval. I have this piece of gear, yamaha MEP4 that can invert note MIDI data across a set note.... the results are surprisingly useful, it opens doors for a new direction on a track.

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Help me find the PERFECT Sampler (for quick/live composition)

...the combination of a Future Retro Orb and a Korg microSAMPLER is quite awesome. If you have the simply superb Yamaha MEP4 midi event processor you can even use four Orbs with a microSAMPLER, which opens up chords and drumming as sequencing possibilities. Beware of sampling, though. Expect to get caught and cop about a...

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Yamaha RX11 - Video tutorial/workflow on one of the 80s best drum machines

I have the DMP11, same thing no motorised faders, I like the effects! That MSS1 is a cool looking slab of 80s design! Totally useless in my setup though lol.

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