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The FB-O1 is a 4-operator, 8-algorithm FM tone generator that can produce up to 8 notes simultaneously. The FB-O1 may be set to be 8 instruments, each playing monophonically, one instrument with 8—note polyphony, or any combination in-between‘. Two hundred forty voice memories are provided in ROM (5 banks of 48 voices), and 96 more voice memories are provided in RAM for your own voices. The voice data is compatible with the Yamaha CXSM‘s SFG-OS sound synthesizer unit, and you can . easily create your own sounds by using an external voice programming aid for the FB—O‘lt The configuration of the entire FB—O1 (all settings for each instrument, MlDl channels, voice numbers, etct) can , be stored in Configuration Memory (there are 4 ROM presets and 16 RAM user memories). The FB-Ol features a comprehensive implementation of MlDl (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). It will receive system exclusive event list messages to recognize and produce microtonal intervals or non—standard temperament, as well as man-y system exclusive messages for loading or saving voice and configuration memories.


Tx81z vs Fb01 vs Dx100

...get them all. The DX100 is noisy but mostly famous because of its form factor (cute and loaded with presets). The FB01 is virtually unusable from the front panel). The TX81z is a nice option in between, but if you want more hands on with the same features, search for a DX11. They're not common....

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The funniest (and easiest to grasp) explanation of FM Synthesis i've ever heard.

...easy to grasp. imagine the beatles on a stage. john, paul, george and ringo represent the four operators of your fb01. john sings a note and holds it. in fm-speak he is the carrier (carrying a tune, if you like). now paul grabs johns throat and begins shaking it gently, making john's voice warble a...

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Yamaha TG-33, Outputs Issues

Was surprised to find my "new" RX11 has mains power too. And universal for good measure. The TG33 is more recent and probably follows some trend. Or, they didn't stock low enough profiled mains transformers to fit inside the odd desktop case.

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