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The E1010 Analog Delay Line defivers a full 300 milliseconds of time delay, plus special effects. It also delivers consistent audio performance, not only at the shortest delay time, but even at the maximum of 300 milliseconds — whether the input level is low or hight This is because the E1010 combines quiet, Iowdistortion amplifiers with a carefully engineered compandor to reduce noise. Thus the output is always clear and natural sounding. What is an analog delay line? It is a device that pro- vides echo and related effects by slowing down audio signals — a more capable space-age replacement for older tape-loop echo machines. The term “analog" means that the audio signal retains its original voltage levels through- out the electronics. lt is not converted to binary numbers, “digitized," as is done with “digital" delay lines. Hence there is no ”quantizing" or “digitizing" noise. All controls are clearly labeled and are recessed to avoid inadvertent changes in settings (recessed controls are also safer in shipping and cartage). There are rear- panel input and output jacks for rack-mount installations, plus front panel jacks for convenience in portable appli- cations. There is even a foot switch jack so the performer can switch effects lN and OUT while playing. Guitar players will especially appreciate the E1010’s very high input impedance and its buffered input level control which together prevent pickup loading and thereby pre- serve the instrument’s frequency response. Overall, the E1010 Yamaha offers tremendous flexibility, but not at the expense of sound quality. The E1010 is an economical and sensible choice for creative soundmen and vocal or instrumental performers. Because the E1010 is completely solid state, there are no tape loops to replace, no heads to adjust and clean, and no mechanical transports to service. In fact, no routine maintenance is required; in the rare event of a problem, the E1010 is backed by Yamaha's extensive service facilities. The unit measures just 3-3/4” (96mm) high x 19" (480mm) wide x 9-1 l2" (243mm) deep (rack


Bucket brigade analog delays: old school or new, rack or pedal?

I have a Yamaha E1010 and although it is very noisy, I like it a lot. It has an LFO to modulate the delay time, which is great for spacey effects, and the feedback goes "above 1", meaning it can really build up and f*ck your speakers if you're not careful. I've also read good...

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(My biased) Vintage Monosynth Guide!

...delay is amazing, often affordable, and the hands on interface is SO much fun to play with. Stuff like Yamaha e1010, Ibanez Ad202, Roland/Boss DC-20/DM-100, Boss/Waza DM-2, totally affordable, and instant mojo of all sorts, and hands on. More pricey, Oto Machines gear is wonderful, the BIM is such a great delay, so 3D...

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Yamaha E1005 vs E1010 analog delays

The E1005 has 2 x MN3005's, the E1010 has 4, but yep, great machines. :cop: kfhkh

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