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Yamaha DX 100 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer incorporates state-of-the-art digital FM tone generation technology, providing extraordinary, vibrant,rich voices and outstanding playability. The DX100 has a programmabçle 24-voice INTERNAL memory (RAM) from which any voice can be selected at the touch of a button, two 96-voice PRESET (ROM) memories (a total of 192 fine preset voices!), a 96-voice BANK memory that permits storage of PRESET voices in any configuration for one-touch selection, and a cassette interface that permits unlimited storage of FM voices. Of course, the DX 100 is fully programmable, allowing you to create your own FM voicesor sound effects. Broad MIDI compatibility is also provided so the DX 100 can control or be controlled via other MIDI-compatible music equipment. To ensure that you gain maximum benefit from all the performance and flexibility provided by the DX 100


Yamaha Reface countdown

The iconic Yamaha techno synths are Tx81z and the DX100. So an 86% remake of a minisynth.

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Digging for '76:14' clues...

...Richard Aphex used one as well coincidentally I knew because i could hear it on his stuff, he was using DX100 a lot into the Quadraverb. Kawai Q80 Sequencer. Later Cubase on Atari. But i would say up to around and including 7614 it was all Kawai Q80. Im actually listening to the album to...

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Can a bass synth ever outdo an electric bass guitar ?

...was to play bass in a live band.using only a keytar. no lie! I did it exactly once using a DX100 midi'd to a VZ8m, because NO LEFT-HANDED KEYTARS.

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