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Main panel features a simple 7-segments LED display, a LED peak meter, 2 knobs and 18 buttons. Terminal connectors: - Midi interface - modulation CV tension input - 3 footswitch inputs (bypass, modulation and hold) - delay out (-20/+4 dB) - mix out (-20 / +4dB) - input signal (-20 / +4dB) - XLR I/O - headphones (frontal). SYSTEM based on 8-bit CMOS micro processing unit HD6303 family. STRUCTURE: the D-1500 is a Monophonic delay unit range response from 20 Hz to 18 kHz with adjustable phase (a 180 degrees phase shift). TIME up to 1 seconds (1023 miliseconds to be precise ) special HOLD function freezes the sound during 1 second cycling the signal. FUNCTIONS the delay can be changed using 3 parameters: 1- FEEDBACK sets the amount of repeated echoes 2- MIX is the balacing between dry and wet 3- TIME is displayed on the LCD. LFO single digital oscillator (shape: sine / square) modulates the delay pitch with variable depth. and frequency range from 0,1 to 15 Hz. FILTER a basic low pass filter for the generated delay at 1 pole. There are only 6 fixed cutoff values : 2.5/ 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 20 kHz. CV the tension controls the internal LFO rate: relative voltage range from 0 to 10 V. MIDI Early Midi implementation: really limited and quite useless as it manages only the program change. MEMORY: - 16 patch setups Memory system works with a soldered 3V Cr-2032 lithium battery, replacement needs some basic technical skills.


D1500 vs PCM42 vs D5000??? Or?? Bob Clearmountain called it his secret weapon for mixing! I mix through a console and I've also had the d1500,not a bad sounding mono delay but didnt need it after buying the D5000. I still use and think alot of the Korg dd2000 and used it on my last couple of cd's before...

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HW Worth Owning for Mixing Hybrid?

...slight, but again, I think it's the graininess of the converters. Lots of other FX hardware is useful. The Yamaha D1500's, D5000 delays, and the E1010 analog delay are all great. Although now that the Deluxe Memory Man is back with EchoFarm AAX, I have less need for them. They are still...

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What effects rack module of old to get?

...I don't think you will find "lush reverbs". If you want to try some 80's delays with character, the Yamaha D1500 (Sylvia Massy has like 8 in her rack), the Korg SDD-2000 and the Roland SDE-1000. One cheap but good multi effects processor with overall very good effects is the Lexicon MX300. There may...

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