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The CM7-GTS (Glass Tube Switchable) is the latest evolution of the CM7-GT. The main difference is that this mic has the "Hard Switched" cardioid mode that is found in a CM7 or vintage U47. This mode produces a smoother more full bodied sound. Instead of having a switch on the outside of the grill, we employed a silent relay inside the capsule compartment. The pattern switch is still on the PSU, but the actual switch point in the circuit is directly below the capsule compartment. At the same time, it still has the 8 different polar patterns found in the older CM7-GT so it is like two mics in one! Those with older CM7-GT microphones can have a GTS upgrade done at our Wunder Audio shop for $200. Package includes: CM7-GTS microphone, NOS Vintage Telefunken glass tube, a new K47 dual membrane capsule, a historically accurate "large style" BV8 transformer, Newly designed power supply made in the U.S.A., tube mic cable, Plush Oak microphone box, Tweed Carrying Case and 1-year warranty. (Optional Upgrade: M7 capsule)


Wunder CM7-GTS

...more like the CM7. I was sent back one of the first prototypes, which is now for sale... The CM7-GTS. I always thought the CM7-GT sounded great, but when I heard this upgrade, my jaw dropped. The mic was now warmer and more syrupy in the high mids and had a...

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Oktava MK-319 shootout = shocked get the his/her vocal parts recorded at the same time. During the last sessions, we had used our Wunder CM7-GTS and borrowed some other good mics to find a match. I can't remember if it was a TLM49 or a M149 that we ended with (yes, big difference) but we were not happy...

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