First Mix of an Acoustic Cover - Would Love Advice!
Old 28th December 2013
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First Mix of an Acoustic Cover - Would Love Advice!

Hey guys!

Just finished up my first recording: a cover of the song Oh Darling by Plug In Stereo.

Any feedback is much appreciated, but I'm specifically interested in a few things.

1) How do I achieve loudness with the solo guitar in the beginning, or any time an instrument is solo and then layered on with other stuff? Automation?

2) How is the balance between vocals, drums, and guitar? I mainly tried to make sure the vocals were always on top and that everything else could be heard and sounded full.

3) I'm using Garageband with Reaper in this, basically exporting aif files from the midi tracks in Garageband. Would the correct way to do this be doing each part of the drum as separate midi tracks in Reaper (snare, kick, hihat, etc.) and then mix each track as if they were real drums?

Thank you very much!
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