Metal/Post-Hardcore Guitar Tone Attempt 1 - Advice
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Metal/Post-Hardcore Guitar Tone Attempt 1 - Advice

Alright so I've been messing with guitar tones that last couple days trying to get something that fits right; I've gotten this so far. The Chorus sounds pretty good for what it is, but the intro and verse is still off.

I'm aiming for a sound like this:

And this is what I have so far (there's more instruments in the mix, but I've muted them to really hear the guitars a bit more.)

I'm a bit lost on where to go further to try and match the tones. I haven't taken an ear break in awhile today so possibly that's what's throwing me off.

Here's my current setup for the guitars. 4 different recorded tracks, L100, R100, L70, R70. The the EQ is different on the 70 compared to the 100, everything else is the same.


EQ R/L100:

EQ R/L70:

Any help, opinion, or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.
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I don't do amp modeling or any Di work but the guitar in the tone your trying to get sounds like it has some digital delay much like the green line 6 pedals can do. Gives it a creamy sustain. I'm sure there is some type of plugin that can do that. Also the highs in the tone your going for jumps out a bit more. Yours sounds compressed. I find the 3rd order harmonics that distressors and fatso's give can help those cut threw without being louder just more present.

Just some ideas, like I said I'm used to mic's and hardware.
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