Mixing friend's solo w/ backing tracks?
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Mixing friend's solo w/ backing tracks?

Hi there,

I am pretty new to mixing, but I love music and I helped a friend record a solo gig, which he used backing tracks to complement the performance. He is looking at creating a 'live cd' vibe, with a little airy-ness to the sound, a reasonable amount of reverb and the backing instruments to have a bit of presence. Some of the tracks he used weren't great, but this track was reasonable. I am using a copy of Adobe Audition 3.0, can anyone assist with providing some quick tips on how to make this sound a bit better? I hope I posted in the right place...

Perhaps what I am looking for are comments about how to get the vocal nice and warm with some eq advice (he used a Shure KSM9), and how to give the track a bit of a kick to make it sound more like live instrumentation, I guess. Thanks.

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