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hellooo everybody. i want your opinion on a song i just finished a few days ago. it's a weird experimental ambient [almost folksy] post-rock remake of an original song of mine that was a psychedelic-sounding breakbeat song.

it's such a bizarre transformation and i think you'll probably feel the same way. your opinions are highly appreciated here because i know you're all experienced and knowledgable in music production / mastering / mixing etc.

thank you everybody that can help me out

SoundClick artist: Copy Yr Idols - page with MP3 music downloads

it's the first song, "transcendentalism (gary klatt's strings remix)"

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I like it so far. The hammered dulcimer (or whatever) gives it nicely a middle age-courtly touch. Drums, well, are a bit static. I would give it a try with my wooden drums, if you like to. Would need a version without drums as a PM *.mp3 file to do so.
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