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Here is a sample of the vocal sound I am currently getting. I am using an AKG C-414 B-ULS into an M-audio Firewire 410. The vox...

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AARDVARKS 13th May 2004
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Hey guys, my first project, just want some opinions. the artist is happy with the product (not my songs - or my taste but...

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JohnMcD 13th May 2004
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Hi all, This is one song of an album I'm recording and producing. I'm kinda feeling it's coming together, what do you think...

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DirkB 13th May 2004
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Hey All, check this out if u got a moment - first recording i've done in awhile since my little studio has been moving around...

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smk 13th May 2004
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I can't listen to the mp3s. What plugin do I need? Or something else? Mac OS 9.1 IE 5.1 Thanks /A

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JB3 12th May 2004
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So i'm doing a demo for a "white 19 years olds trying to be reggae" kind of band. Actually, for the local Santa Cruz...

Chris Parsons
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Chris Parsons 11th May 2004
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If you're into Classic Rock with a Modern Rock edge, check out TorQue

Jim Roberts
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Jim Roberts 10th May 2004
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this was mixed "in the box" with cubase sx2. The only mastering is a psp vintage warmer on the stereo bus just to get...

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Jax 8th May 2004
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Recorded in a storage space in manhattan on a Mackie and an 001. Mixed ITB. Bass comes in halfway, listen at least that far!!

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lordnielson 8th May 2004
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Here is a rough copy. I know the bass guitar is off at the end. I forgot to set the right bpm on the bass track. The end of...

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kausionNOW 8th May 2004
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This is a very rough mix of an eighteen piece big band recorded on location. Tracked on Tracktion and a Mac Ti Powerbook...

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dim light 7th May 2004
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Comments extremely welcome, particularly comments on the overall mix. I don't mind production comments either, but I didn't...

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Teacher 7th May 2004
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Here's a piece of a track relating to THIS thread in So Much Gear, So Little Time about busy arrangements. This particular...

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Jose Mrochek 7th May 2004
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Rec & "Mixed" ITB. Protools 5,1. 888 interface

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Lindell 5th May 2004
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I put this in the thread about FLAC files, but I'm not sure if anyone is still reading that. Here's a quote I found the other...

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jdunn 4th May 2004
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new tune....need comments....Logic Pro 6 and live drums....

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captain54 4th May 2004
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Here's an only slightly smashed track hittt that I recorded with an artist named Jett Craze. He's sings and plays guitar, I'm...

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mitgong 4th May 2004
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I was wondering if it is possible/allowed to post files in FLAC format? It retains the audio quality because it's losless...

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jdunn 3rd May 2004
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Sup gang, A drum loop (i chose it for it's content, basic drums pattern + percussion, about the whole audio spectrum is...

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NeoVXR 3rd May 2004
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Here's "33RPM" from American reggae band John Brown's Body. I produced their last record "Spirits All Around...

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syra 3rd May 2004
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How do you upload files? Mine don't appear after browsing and attaching.

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duaneadam 3rd May 2004
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This is a recent recording/mix of a band I've been working with. It's a pop punk/emo/? type thing. Tear it up! :) -Scotty

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Plec 2nd May 2004
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These are the last two I'll post from my cd,thanks again for listening. face of the son love sweet love ...

skip bitmin
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skip bitmin 2nd May 2004
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I just got this back from mastering and though I`d throw it up for you guys. Tell me what you think of the mix as well as the...

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studjo 1st May 2004
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I just felt like sharing. - jon

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Plec 1st May 2004
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We did this some time ago on 24 channel Otari MX80. We were after a vintage feel and that's what we got. It's mastered by a top...

dim light
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dim light 1st May 2004
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Hi, I'm a starter in the recording/mixing business. I used to do only vocal overdubs, but know i've recorded my own band. We...

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MASSIVE Master 1st May 2004
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Plec 30th April 2004
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Hey everybody, I just got done recording 8 songs for an upcoming demo my band will be putting out. I'm going to start with the...

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eberrong 30th April 2004
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I have a few tracks up on this web site I'd recommend listening to the track titled "131 bpm" This was my first...

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zxcv 30th April 2004
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Well I thought i'd post a link to my mate's band's Website . And here are a few MP3's of some songs i've recorded for them. We...

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Your Add Here! 30th April 2004
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here's a RnB song i mixed down i'm thinking the kick is too loud...i don't auto tune either....any other suggestion are most...

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Teacher 29th April 2004
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Just something that i thought i'd share... tracked and mixed last summer at my home studio, mastered by Brad Blackwood. Can't...

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jpaudio 28th April 2004
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Hey ho, Another mix off the punk/folk album: this one's a bit more off the wall. BTW, this is a NO BUDGET album: most people...

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Spintonik 28th April 2004
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Lowdbrent 27th April 2004
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someone who came to me to make their demos into full blown songs.... these are my two favs on the disc... what do yall think?...

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Jules 27th April 2004
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Tho it's not "the" finished mix - I have this rough mix from a year ago: the album should be out soon. I AE'd some, and...

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PlugHead 26th April 2004
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Hi, First try, let me now what you think..

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jbuntz 26th April 2004
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Check out ...original alternative Christian country/rock that kicks a little. Free download mp3 "land of...

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Dynodawg 25th April 2004
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check out samples of tunes coming out april 27th at virgin megastore miami. comments wanted ... constructive or...

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sangamc 25th April 2004
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Backwater3 Backwater2 Backwater1 I tried to get a pretty big sound on this one. It's just a demo, so don't expect to...

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dim light 24th April 2004
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heres a song I mixed - I was NOT the one that converted it to mp3 ... this mp3 breaks up alot and it made the kick / bass all...

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BTP_ONE 24th April 2004
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let me know what you think. it's a long one and should probably be cut down. mixed in the box/all tube pres. p.s.the stuff...

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RaGe 23rd April 2004
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Some of my friends jamming at Angel Studios, and a trad jazz piece I wrote for a film 10 years ago this is the jam -

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dim light 23rd April 2004
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I've been recording/mixing now for a couple of years (not very long I realize) and feel like I'm hitting a wall when it comes to...

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bajenks 22nd April 2004
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This is a track for a vocalist with whom I've been working for some time now, named Oshia Ky. We've accumulated a CD worth of...

Curve Dominant
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Curve Dominant 22nd April 2004
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Here is a band called Nex. See what you think...

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NeoVXR 22nd April 2004
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Hello- This is a quick sample I put together a few weeks back to send to someone as a "style" demo. I had to make the...

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CrazyBeast 21st April 2004
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I just want an honest opinion of the mix. I want the vocals to be a little more understandable and the snare to have a little...

Sword in Hand
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Sword in Hand 21st April 2004
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This was a rehasal cover tune. trying to fine tune my rig. Vox just done with a 58. Your input is deeply...

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Dominic 21st April 2004


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