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Heya! We made an instrumental for a change, the video is also by us. comments, feelings...

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esaias 9 hours ago
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i know, i'm more shocked than you are! i just bounced down a tune being used for a film to both high quality mp3 (44,100) and...

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sundayrequiem 1 day ago
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I thought it would be interesting for'slutz to post links to music they have written and performed themselves or as part of a...

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s1r 1 day ago
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Hello all, we're a small outfit that does mostly cover songs, record, produce and mix our own music. We're super new to the whole...

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ConscienceClub 1 day ago
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This thread is specifically about the music. I don't want any of the samples listened in the one man production thread to get...

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fredrikberg 1 day ago
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Rate my mix and playing! Guitars are a bit louder since this is mainly a guitar cover Signal chain: ESP...

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joecandy 1 day ago
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I put a new song in my music website called “Really Really Need You”. If you review my song, I can return the favor if you...

aaron aardvark
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aaron aardvark 2 days ago
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Hi! this is a contest that I have started on many other internet forums, and I wanted to share it with you swell so that we can...

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neurodrive 3 days ago
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Hi Guys, Looking for some thoughts on my new track. Everything was written and recorded by me except for the drums...

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Jamphlett 4 days ago
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latest demo, this features all guitars and bass done with a Strymon Iridium pedal direct to interface. Iridium set on...

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batsbrew 5 days ago
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a new tune from the latest bats brew album "The Wild Animals" available...

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batsbrew 1 week ago
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Just updated an old tune/remix of mine from about 10 years ago. I would call it moody electronica. The original was spoken...

Tobias Enstrom
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Tobias Enstrom 1 week ago
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The Wild Animals, a new album by Bats Brew, available...

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batsbrew 1 week ago
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I am proud to post the link to my first album. Perfect? No. But I literally did everything from building my DAW, playing and...

Ron Vogel
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Ron Vogel 1 week ago
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Just wanted to get a few pointers and a little feed back on the mix. If you guys have a minute take a listen. And let me know...

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Pindrive 1 week ago
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a tune from the new Bats Brew album, "THE WILD ANIMALS" ****************************************************** This...

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batsbrew 1 week ago
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This is as scientific as I am going to get, so please no bitching about ".5db off ****." This is a much simpler...

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ZZZXXX 1 week ago
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Hell, why not upload another finished track?! Used Logic Pro X, Novation Bass Station, UHE Zebra and plug-ins by Waves,...

Tobias Enstrom
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Tobias Enstrom 1 week ago
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Hello Gearslutz, my Band Groenalund is going a long way in bringing that classic Abba-sound back to life, with new songs. So...

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Chiquitita 1 week ago
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VikashMoleman 2 weeks ago
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Hello all, I'm going crazy, and I'd love any help on this. Many of my mixes sound alright on my headphones/surround sound...

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lumpcalhoon 2 weeks ago
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yvez 2 weeks ago
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Hello! I'm very new to mixing. I'm working on mixing a friend's pop music project and was hoping to get some constructive...

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koneko 2 weeks ago
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Hi guys! :) I am a big reader here on Gearslutz but I rarely write posts. I'm not quite sure either if I am posting this one in...

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DavidMeShow 2 weeks ago
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Hey guys, So I'm obsessing lately over the drum sound (and guitar sound) of the Cro Mags "Best Wishes" records. The...

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Remoteness 2 weeks ago
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This thread is all about music videos! If you're involved in a project as a Producer, Songwriter, Mixing/Mastering Engineer,...

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KingOmni 2 weeks ago
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Hello everyone! This is my new song. It's one man production. I made everything from recording to mastering and video editing....

Jirka Mucha
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Jirka Mucha 2 weeks ago
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Recorded with Nagra VI, 2x DPA 4006 main + Schoeps ORTF close to the Theorbe &...

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leary 3 weeks ago
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Let me know what'cha guys think. Paying it forward. Marckfhkh

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M2E 3 weeks ago
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Hello! Please rate my mix , black metal song. Need input how it sounds overall and what to improve in instruments balance /...

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rookza 3 weeks ago
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You might know me from my last thread: I am finally a pro I've changed all my gear, took music classes for 5 years, now I...

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M2E 3 weeks ago
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I made these using Korg M1 Legacy Collection for the first one, and the second two are Sound Canvas VA. Hope you like them....

Music Bird
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Music Bird 3 weeks ago
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here are 2 songs I wrote: "merry christmas from me to you" and "drink...

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Papanate 3 weeks ago
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Hi guys, I'd like to share with you a rough mix I made for a multitrack I found online. The song is called 'Traveling Ground',...

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Diamante_C 3 weeks ago
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The Wild Animals is the 4th full length album release by Bats Brew. This is modern rock with a classic rock vibe, a touch...

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batsbrew 3 weeks ago
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I recorded this in my studio a few days ago. I started by recording the bass guitar first, then overdubbed the drums, piano and...

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rhythmtech 3 weeks ago
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I am trying to get my version of a school's fight song on school's web page. Here is a kind of spaghetti western version I did. I...

Skoolboy Jim
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creedchub 3 weeks ago
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Hi there! Don't know where to start. I am basically an autistic guy. I have been writing music and lyrics for years. I also...

Deleted d7e24de
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Synth Guru 3 weeks ago
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Hey guys. I've used Gearslutz for years to find answers and today I decided to create an account and ask the community for help....

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Papanate 4 weeks ago
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VikashMoleman 4 weeks ago
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My friend and I made this track and just sent it in for mastering. Due to financial reasons, we mixed it ourselves. Anyway, got...

a.m. son
replies: 34 views: 1,367
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DownTheLine 4 weeks ago
Avatar for Garage Rodeo

Got a Rode NT1 and decided to try it in the living room. I also had a small condenser in front of the acoustic.

Garage Rodeo
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Garage Rodeo 4 weeks ago
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hello. I've been constantly evolving my mastering chain and mixing techniques as the months go by. just wanted some honest...

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jbehrmusic 4 weeks ago
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Hey beautiful people, I recently did a vocal mixdown, maybe you can give me some input - I would appreciate it! Vocals are...

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NOA91 13th December 2019
replies: 1 views: 347
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batsbrew 11th December 2019
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Hi guys, I completed a new Indie Rock mix called "The Void", from Three Layers of Me. This song features female...

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Emmett_Brown 10th December 2019
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Hello guys, Recently, i've been asked for doing the mix for Indonesian ethnic song ( called dangdut )..but at this time, i...

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Music Bird 9th December 2019
Avatar for Jam Solo

So I need advice. This mix has got me stuck. What should I do? One part of me feels that it's as good as it gets, another part...

Jam Solo
replies: 5 views: 403
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Jam Solo 9th December 2019
Avatar for DND-NS

A new EDM song. Probably my last in the year of 2019. Feedback welcome.

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DND-NS 9th December 2019
Avatar for darkhunterc7

Here's a cover with original vocals from the artist! Paramore -...

replies: 0 views: 291
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darkhunterc7 6th December 2019


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