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batsbrew 1 day ago
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Hi guys, I completed a new Indie Rock mix called "The Void", from Three Layers of Me. This song features female...

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Emmett_Brown 2 days ago
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This thread is specifically about the music. I don't want any of the samples listened in the one man production thread to get...

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Gear Hedd 2 days ago
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Hello guys, Recently, i've been asked for doing the mix for Indonesian ethnic song ( called dangdut )..but at this time, i...

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Music Bird 3 days ago
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The Wild Animals is the 4th full length album release by Bats Brew. This is modern rock with a classic rock vibe, a touch...

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batsbrew 3 days ago
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So I need advice. This mix has got me stuck. What should I do? One part of me feels that it's as good as it gets, another part...

Jam Solo
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Jam Solo 3 days ago
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A new EDM song. Probably my last in the year of 2019. Feedback welcome.

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DND-NS 3 days ago
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Hey beautiful people, I recently did a vocal mixdown, maybe you can give me some input - I would appreciate it! Vocals are...

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darkhunterc7 6 days ago
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Here's a cover with original vocals from the artist! Paramore -...

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darkhunterc7 1 week ago
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A friend named Sammy From Miami wrote a song called "All I Need". I'm just starting to mix and master for people, so I...

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joecandy 1 week ago
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Hello Everybody Today I Created Love Is All Around Us Let Me Know What You Think About It

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VikashMoleman 1 week ago
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Hi Everyone, I've just taken part in a collaboration on YouTube, here's my section only below, and it'd be great to get some...

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TramaineJ 1 week ago
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Hey Guys, Wanted to share this new single "A Piece of Me" to see how it resonates with all of you. EP is out...

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deedeeyeah 1 week ago
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I thought it would be interesting for'slutz to post links to music they have written and performed themselves or as part of a...

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Mixing Suite 2 weeks ago
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I've started composing orchestral music a while ago and would love some feedback on the overall composition/mix :)...

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Jeffsundin 2 weeks ago
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Was trying out a few different compressors and such on drums and this one impressed me enough to make a video about it. Had...

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thermal 2 weeks ago
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In this video I pull apart a band mix showing processing and how I’ve adapted Brauerizing to suit my work flow. Song is Women...

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JSchlomo 2 weeks ago
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Hello all, I'm going crazy, and I'd love any help on this. Many of my mixes sound alright on my headphones/surround sound...

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Emu52 2 weeks ago
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What's up guys, i need your opinion on this track Thank you for your time.

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MauryAvero 2 weeks ago
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This is a video tour of my Studio featuring Heidi the cat.

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spektor 2 weeks ago
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Hi guys .Im new in this forum .I mixed and mastered a song.Can you listen and comment my mix ? Link is...

king of the mix
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king of the mix 2 weeks ago
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7+1 2 weeks ago
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here's my first try at orchestral writing! for a james bond movie ... all done with logic pro's string, horn sections. how does...

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zinzin 2 weeks ago
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Music track Show Opener: The entire Playlist about how I created this track:...

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gh0stwrit3r 3 weeks ago
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As the title says, this is the first time micing up real drums and using real analogue equipment in addition to plugins to mix....

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Surbitone 3 weeks ago
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Hi all! Just wanted to share a cover of "Hallelujah" that I did recently. This song means a lot to some very...

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SDB_12 3 weeks ago
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So this is my first project back from the engineering couch, in a about 5 years. I'm trying to see if I still have the ear for...

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knucklesmd 3 weeks ago
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VikashMoleman 3 weeks ago
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I'm just seriously getting into some home recording of bluegrass/acoustic music. I have pretty inexpensive mics (Shure KSM-32 on...

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guitarua 3 weeks ago
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Hello! It's my first post so I'll introduce myself. I'm Andrew, AKA Roboticist, AKA Leptoon, AKA addicted to Red Bull. Been...

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Leptoon 3 weeks ago
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I'd like some feedback on the mixing! Since this is a guitar cover, the guitars are a bit louder than normal Guitar...

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antonis91 4 weeks ago
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Hi fellas! I´m trying to help my friend mixing and mastering this new song which is a bit more acoustic/organic than the...

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Surbitone 4 weeks ago
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this is one of two instrumentals off my new full length album out next week. The album is called "The Wild...

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batsbrew 4 weeks ago
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released 2010, i still find this very very good indeed :-) one hell of a fuzz & noise circus! i was a big part of it and now...

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zinzin 4 weeks ago
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Hi all, for some time I´m striving to achieve the punchy, crisp SSL sound after the likes of Andy Wallace etc. I have aquired...

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Gertius 4 weeks ago
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VikashMoleman 4 weeks ago
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Any of you guys seen this new site? Lots of Motown etc The only downside I see is you have to use Presonus' Studio One DAW to...

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rhythmtech 8th November 2019
Avatar for zeushead

Did this for fun in my spare time.. Enjoy!

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zeushead 5th November 2019
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Hello Everybody ? I Made A Pumping Song I Created [email protected] ♥️ I Created Video Clip ♥️ I Am Curious What You...

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VikashMoleman 5th November 2019
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Hi all, I just want to present my latest work: it's a shortfilm with dark...

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mebitek 4th November 2019
Avatar for psycho_monkey

Swiss band called "The Two Romans" - the 1st release from the album I'm in the process of finishing up! Recorded...

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psycho_monkey 4th November 2019
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Hi People! Give me feedback about my mix please. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks in...

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Lotnique 3rd November 2019
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VikashMoleman 2nd November 2019
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Qualifications Include all native based DAW. If you used 1,000 dollar plus Outboard gear Skip this thread. Lets hear good...

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TonyPizza 31st October 2019
Avatar for swinxx

found that.. and like it so much STANKOWSKI - Light & Clear (stripped-down) - YouTube

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Deniz:Wilson 31st October 2019
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batsbrew 31st October 2019
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When you’re left the keys to a facility and you just decide to...... yeah.

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Patrick_ 31st October 2019
Avatar for DavidMeShow

Hi guys! :) I am a big reader here on Gearslutz but I rarely write posts. I'm not quite sure either if I am posting this one in...

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DavidMeShow 30th October 2019
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I have a new song which took about 3 months to put together. Frustrating as hell, but in the end, I'm pretty happy overall. The...

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andrea19837 30th October 2019
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I_V_502 29th October 2019


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