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This thread is specifically about the music. I don't want any of the samples listened in the one man production thread to get...

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icw 6 hours ago
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Qualifications Include all native based DAW. If you used 1,000 dollar plus Outboard gear Skip this thread. Lets hear good...

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spooner248 14 hours ago
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Hey guys, Anyone have a good ear for current pop music? I'm looking for some opinions on the production before we send it out...

Lazer Toms
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Lazer Toms 1 day ago
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This is a really chill type of reggae track sounds cool. please let me know if there is any thing that i missed

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nickalpha 2 days ago
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For anyone who might be interested, I just launched the first video of my new web series “The Alternative Sound” in which I...

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Zoot 2 days ago
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Hello, peeps. It's been a long time since I've logged on here - not since late 2018, I think. Life comes at you quick, and the...

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MortenDK 3 days ago
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Recorded the destruction of a pumpkin for some unique sounds/textures! The entire "drums' and the pads were derived from a...

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puru 3 days ago
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Hi there, I'm relatively new to mixing/mastering and only have about a year and half of experience actively working with an...

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coreyspencer 3 days ago
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Cranked this out starting in April using remotely recorded drums and a couple other guests. Enjoy,...

michael cleary
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michael cleary 4 days ago
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Hi guys! :) I am a big reader here on Gearslutz but I rarely write posts. I'm not quite sure either if I am posting this one in...

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DavidMeShow 4 days ago
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Hey everyone, would love to get some feedback on my first single off an upcoming 9 song album. The running theme of this album...

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3rdlane 6 days ago
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Hello EveryBody .... Let Me Know... What Do You Think .....

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VikashMoleman 1 week ago
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Hello good people! wanted your opinion on my new song. Recorded the main guitar in a trip to The Philippines and the vocals on a...

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patrick81 1 week ago
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6D5gBWI-mpA In this video I played purely rhythmic (not melodic) percussion only, with which, using a pedal connected to...

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maxdis 1 week ago
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Hey folks, I was wondering if anybody would be so kind to have a listen to a track I'm working on that is due to be released...

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CHECKaBitchBeats 1 week ago
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washingtonirving 1 week ago
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I put it out through cd baby. I was trying to do something in the vein of Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, Cindy Lauper but...

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j-madd 2 weeks ago
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I know that I am not good at mixing, but I am trying to learn. I am working on a collab project with a guy where we are turning...

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somerandomguy 2 weeks ago
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This is my video review of the auratone sound cubes.

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spektor 2 weeks ago
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Here's a video of my band playing in my studio this Monday. As much as possible we rehearse every Monday. 99% original music...

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henryrobinett 2 weeks ago
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Hi there. I've been studying music for about 8 years now, I've been on the mixing game for about 2 years and I've listened to a...

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Benny7284 2 weeks ago
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Hey guys, I am new here. I tried posting this same thing on Reddit but apparently most of mixing and mastering communities are...

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robvice 3 weeks ago
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Hello all! I just mixed this track today and I would love any feedback. I think it sounds good, but I feel like it could be...

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endofnight 3 weeks ago
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The recording for this song was done at the same time as the other I posted about a year back (singer moved away for a few...

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JosserkX 3 weeks ago
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In this video I am demoing 5 different Orange Rockerverb Fractal FM3 sounds that are supposed to sound like Slipknot's Jim...

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antonis91 3 weeks ago
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New mini tips for musicians series, enjoy, like share and sub!

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MADA 3 weeks ago
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I think the mix is solid just looking for some outside opinions thanks....

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lumpcalhoon 4 weeks ago
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Hi GS So I decided to test out the collection of Analog Obsession plugins I've amassed over the past few months in what I dubbed...

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Cerbdashrdashus 23rd September 2020
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Did this one over the last few days. Any tips are welcome.

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Cerbdashrdashus 23rd September 2020
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For this cover I am using the Orange Rockerverb and the Diezel Herbert... on my Fractal FM3. I think Mick Thomson uses Rivera...

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antonis91 22nd September 2020
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Hi everyone, I've just released a full album on bandcamp, so if you want to give it a...

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CHECKaBitchBeats 22nd September 2020
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Hey !howdy here is a very *young* deep/electronica (web)radio : we launched it in january,...

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lunecha 19th September 2020
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Maybe this is interesting for some... Gear used: Neumann U67 Chandler TG1 and 2, Channel, Curve Bender Burl Bomber...

van Overhalen
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van Overhalen 17th September 2020
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Curious what you party-people think of 'Type beats". Kudos to whomever came up with the seems now, however, it;'s...

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boombapdame 16th September 2020
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Hey, I made a video on how to tune vocals manually using Autotune. Perhaps a few of you out there will find that helpful?...

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chessparov2.0 14th September 2020
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Hey guys, I've always wanted to mix a live recording, not live off the floor, but live show. I'm looking for something...

sam guaiana
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sam guaiana 9th September 2020
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Second video of my FM3 metal demo series. This time using Digitech the Drop as well, to achieve drop A tuning Guitar:...

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antonis91 8th September 2020
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I've been part of the Mars generation for as long as I can remember. Inspired by Carl Sagan's Cosmos, the Viking landers, the...

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Simon Morrison 7th September 2020
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I finished my second song some time ago and it's my first song with drums. I recorded in Reaper, used a busted-up H4 for vocals...

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razorboy 7th September 2020
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RyanM 6th September 2020
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I rarely complete projects because I tend to get bored of the background tracks I make. I like some of the ones I find on YouTube...

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rwcahoon 5th September 2020
Avatar for vashuba

getting some drum explosions in there.

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vashuba 5th September 2020
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Dear gearslutz, Some friends and I justed dropped a video with a full band cover of CKY - 96 Quite Bitter Beings - known from...

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romanxtk 4th September 2020
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In this video I'm showing my recording and editing workflow for recording guitar parts. Any tips to make it even easier...

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maartenl945 4th September 2020
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I_V_502 1st September 2020
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Hey guys here is a mix/master i did this week. I would really appreciate your feedback ! cheers...

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memorabiliah 31st August 2020
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I coproduced this album with Isserley, we've been working together for a few years now on a number of projects. For this album...

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_Ripley 29th August 2020
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Hi Guys! Today I tried to mix a record from multi-tracks for the first time ever in my life, This is my first attempt ever to...

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darkalex 29th August 2020
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This video shows how I dealt with the fact that our singer wanted to change the key of the song after we already recorded several...

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maartenl945 28th August 2020
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Hi everyone! Last year I recorded 8 songs all by myself and today I feel like "I'd like to listen to this on another...

replies: 0 views: 315
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PerfektChaos 28th August 2020


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