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Old 27th April 2018
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🎧 15 years
4 track cassette ...
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I LOVE YOU MADLY.mp3 (6.65 MB, 895 views)

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🎧 5 years
Originally Posted by RyanM View Post
Here's a new track I just posted. I co-wrote/produced/mixed/mastered this, but mostly looking for mixing/mastering feedback (and check out the sax solos!)

Little Lotus - S.P.P. (Said You'd Never Leave Me) by Ryan_Edward | Ryan Edward | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Sounds very muffled to me; definitely needs some high end/clarity
Old 30th April 2018
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🎧 15 years
1978 ---- SOS >> Sony R to R >>>> Pretty Low End
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STONED ZONED.mp3 (14.99 MB, 926 views)

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Old 2nd May 2018 | Show parent
Here for the gear
Just discovered this thread and as we're talking about cassette...

SE X1R > GAP PRE-73 > Tascam Porta07

Edit: I think maybe I added a bit of reverb on my computer if I remember rightly...
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Buckskin Stallion.mp3 (4.49 MB, 874 views)

Old 5th May 2018
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🎧 5 years
Any criticisms on this track I recorded for some mates would be great!

Sweeney and the Fella's - In Your Grace by projectmay | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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🎧 10 years
my new mix :>
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Nerve-GS.mp3 (13.11 MB, 870 views)

Old 15th May 2018
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🎧 15 years
Pretty Low End

1989 -- Atari and Korg DS 1 -- cassette mix down

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Old 19th June 2018
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🎧 5 years


I get brave and do harmonies using a Red5 Audio pencil condenser mic.

The throbbing Bassline and drums come from a Korg EMX! I can't believe how good it sounds in this song.

I sneaked in some guitar..A strat plus and Eastwood copy of the 1968 Liberty MS150 both into a JC-40 and a Peavey Dynamic mic against the cloth.

A MS20 finishes off the song.
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🎧 10 years
a night mix for fun with headphones.
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perpetual-GS.mp3 (13.69 MB, 846 views)

Old 2nd July 2018 | Show parent
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🎧 10 years
Another night mix made with headphones - tried a couple of techniques.
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Lokke-GS.mp3 (10.90 MB, 736 views)

Old 3rd July 2018
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🎧 15 years
Just the 16 track sequencer in the keyboard ---
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JOE DOES FUNK.mp3 (5.42 MB, 737 views)

Old 10th July 2018
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🎧 5 years
Here's the last thing I recorded. Any criticisms are welcome!

Higher Ground - Charlie Warlie Pudding and Pie by Project Sound | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Old 25th July 2018
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🎧 5 years
A live-pass recording from my place.
Kick In Beta 52
Kick Out Sm7b
Snare Top Beta 57
Snare Bottom Sm57
Tom top 421
Tom bottom Sm57
Floor Top 421
Floor Bottom 57
Overs Sm81's
Room NT1A's
Bass Mesa Mpusle 600 DI
Acoustic Type 85 DI
Electric Guitar 57+421
Vocals Sm58

Old 23rd September 2018 | Show parent
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🎧 15 years
Old Low End recording - new Low End mix

This was recorded at home many years ago on my old Yamaha DSP Factory setup. I just mixed it with my new gear, namely the Clarett 4 Pre and Slate plugins.

...And now my crack at mastering it.


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Old 23rd September 2018
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A jaunt to the darker side of neurofunk:
Old 20th January 2019
Here for the gear
🎧 5 years
even if I can't hold a candle to all the great stuff in this thread, I want to contribute some recent work from my personal low end:

a few months ago my son joined an alternative rock band with some of his friends from school, and asked me if I could tape some demos in their basement rehearsal room. I packed my gear and did so; now the results are online on soundcloud: Drowning by Mash Mind | Free Listening on SoundCloud

lineup: drums, bass, 2 guitars, 2 vocals. everything was recorded through my beloved Zoom L-12 into logic pro, and mixed with mostly onboard or free plugins (special thanks to Tokyo Dawn Labs for Kotelnikov and Nova). the basics were done live with both guitars Di'ed directly into the machine, and also via 2 little virtual amps (yamaha thx and a nasty little behringer box) which I also taped, but didn't use in the end. bass also via DI.
I recorded the vocals as a guide, too, but we did them properly again with some extra voices and backgrounds after that.
the L-12 has, well, 12 inputs, so I decided to go for the glyn johns drum thing plus a dirt mike, and was kinda pleased with the results (though I am certainly aware of my lack of experience and the flaws it caused - next time I'll take more care about the overhead positions!).

microphones I used:

bass drum - Superlux 218A (not too bad, took a lot of EQing though)
snare - Lewitt MTP340 (not as bad as expected; next time I might try my uher 534 though)
overheads - AKG 391 (SE300 with CK91), 1m distance to snare center (which was probably too close; I fought with the amount of cymbal mush all the way through the mixes)
dirt mike - Funkberater MD30 (a catch on the fleamarket and one of my favourite secret weapons)

vocals - also the funkberater, which really surprised me! as a spherical dynamic with no proximity effect, I considered it a better choice for inexperienced singers and background choirs/shouts than the SM58s we used for the guide vocals; but I didn't expect it to work out so smoothly. nice and good natured with an old-fashioned touch, it reacts very well to EQ and compression, and with a foam shield on the backside it hardly caught any of the room's ambience. best buy in years!

a lot of mixing effort went into cosmetics and editing - most of the band members aren't very good instrumentalists, and you may hear one of the singers struggling with intonation. but the biggest obstacle to me was the nasty chirping noise from the cymbals you can still hear on the mixes - it's somewhere in between 6 and 10k, but hard to locate (at least for my old ears), and it gave me a hard time balancing the EQ between that nasty clanky jangle on the one side and a muffled, indifferent tone on the other. a bit more experience might have helped; next time I will be more careful about microphone placement.
another issue is my fatal tendency to add too much compression; don't know why I always end up with that though I know better...
anyway - tell me what you think!

Old 20th January 2019
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🎧 15 years
A two track cassette 1976

All live jam ~ in the living room >> Tapco 6 channel >> to a Optonica cassette --

1~ 58 on the acoustic & lead vocals

1~ 58 on the SUNN bass amp --

and a EV Omni for the OH drums and 58 on BGV ( with plenty of bleed for the drums /Roto Tops )

Over dub BGV transferred to a SOS Sony 1/4 in
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ONCE IN AWILE I REALIZE.mp3 (6.00 MB, 568 views)

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Old 6th February 2019 | Show parent

FL-Studio Only in my bedroom. LOL
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Dextro.mp3 (3.73 MB, 484 views)

Old 6th February 2019 | Show parent
Sweet tunes brooooo I would love to hear the final track
Old 10th July 2019 | Show parent
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🎧 5 years
So, everything was mixed with stock plugins in Reaper. I'm about 99.999% certain that we recorded guitar straight off the pedalboard and I forgot to reamp. Bass was DI, drums are programmed, and vocals were recorded on a $60 condenser mic.
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Hateborn.mp3 (10.03 MB, 410 views)

Old 10th July 2019 | Show parent
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🎧 5 years
Same band as my last post, and almost there same setup, but this time I know for a fact that the guitars were recorded with an SM57.

See if you can spot all 3 references to The Princess Bride...haha
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The-Devils-Heir-Sonic-Poison.mp3 (7.54 MB, 393 views)

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Old 11th July 2019 | Show parent
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Old 17th July 2019 | Show parent
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Definitely low end.

Squier guitar, to laptop with Line 6 UX1, out to the mp3 line in on my 99 dollar Acoustic brand amp, miced with a Nady SCM 1000 and had to have a comforter spread over the amp and mic cause I'm in a very small bedroom. Mic in to a cheap, Mackie vlz 402 mixer with the VLZ3 preamps (not the Onyx), and to my daw laptop with another Line 6 UX2. I have to use amp sims cause I can't afford a tube amp, but I still would rather run the amp sim t an amp and mic the speaker. All written and recorded yesterday and today.
Old 19th July 2019
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Andromède - Bedroom pop

I recorded the guitars and bass with a kemper! The rest is just a computer with a Focusrite Scarlett interface.
Old 5th August 2019 | Show parent
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Recorded live in Madison Square Storage Closet.
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Summertime Demo.mp3 (5.73 MB, 328 views)

Old 26th October 2019
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🎧 5 years
I think this still falls on the low end side of things. I used the gear I had to record everything myself in un-treated lo-fi spaces. No one piece of gear was that expensive except for the RME soundcard I used. At least half the mics, amps and pedals were secondhand or borrowed.

This is my first set of tracks released that I have recorded for my own project since trying to get more serious about recording. Some covers and rearrangements of songs, recorded on my fireface.

Feel The Way I Do (Sandy Dillon Cover):

Recorded in an attic. MD421 for vocals, sE Z3300a for acoustic, Electric guitar DI'd into hi-Z input.

Oh Sister (Bob Dylan Cover):

Everything recorded in a dodgy garage. Mixed totally in the box, albeit not by me. (Crappy) SM Pro Q-Pre for additional drum mics. Everything else recorded using fireface preamps or direct ins.

Oktava mk012 pair - overheads
d112 - kick
sm57 - snare
sE Electronics z3300a - drum room mic
audix i5 - mono overhead going into a (crappy) guitar amp

Vocals - male z3300a, female sE2200
Guitars - Left (sm57), Lead, centre (sm57 + z3300a), Right (sm58)
Bass - MD421 + z3300a
Keys - DI
Jawbone - z3300a

Amps - Ampeg BA115, Vox AC15 2x10 (borrowed), Mesa DC-3 (hated that thing - sold it shortly after)

My recordings have improved substantially since I sold that stupid sE electronics z3300a that I was using as a main mic for a lot of things. You live and learn.
Old 31st October 2019 | Show parent
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Latest Pop mixes:

Old 16th April 2020
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Here's a pretty low end mix I just did with a "social distanced" choir and band for a COVID-19 related project for friend of mine. Music starts around 0:55. Storm sounds were made by choir vocalists. I played drums, guitar, and shaker. Video isn't perfect... it was an amateur video editing job by my friend using the hardware/software he had available.

- All of the vocals were from random cell phones or cheap accessories.
- The baby grand was recorded using a cheap USB mic, mono
- Guitar was DI into apogee element using Logic pro amps
- Bass was DI into a Behringer USB mixer
- Drums were Audix D2 (toms), D (kick), SM57 snare, Sennheiser e614 hi-hat, Blue Blueberry and AT3035 for OHs, Studio Projects B1 on the djembe next to me, Atlantis on the bongos on the other side, all straight into Apogee element
- Lauten Atlantis for shaker

It was a fun project! The mix is a little vocal heavy for my liking but my friend asked for it to be that way.

Old 19th April 2020 | Show parent
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One written and recorded in 7 hours today

Siuper low end. There is a post about this song in the High End forum because it was written for the guys in that forum. You will find my super low end setup details there. I did this alone, drums are loops, I played and sang everything else. I am worn out after 7 straight hours, lol. Hope you like.

Here is equipment used.

gear used, Strat in to POD XT bean, output to Art project series Tube MP (because even 20 percent of a tube sound going in to my solid-state Acoustic brand amp is better than totally zero tube feel with just the Pod) so the art MP in to the mp3 line in jack on the amp. Miced with the SCM-1000 condenser mic (paid 60 bucks for it on eBay a couple years ago) and that is being amped by my Mackie 402 VLZ3 The amp and mic are surrounded by sound panels to try and suck up any waves and prevent them from bouncing around my tiny bedroom. Amp box but made by setting my amp on a milk crate and just standing up panels around it and then laying one over the top and also stuffing a couple of comforters inside as well to help soak more sound up. It looks goofy but I just for like di recording, though I might like it much better with maybe BIAS Amp or something better than the Pod UX2 or the bean. To me micing a real speaker just passes the signal through the medium of physical reality.mixer then into a Line 6 UX2 Toneport as my interface, no effects or anything loaded in that, only used as an interface.
I also have an MXL 9000 tube mic. Unfortunately, I can't climb in my little homemade amp box myself, lol, so I take a couple sound panels and lean them up on the outside of the amp box and sit on the foot of my bed and record my Guitar

And link.
Old 19th April 2020
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That sounds awesome Jeffguitar!!
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