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CheckaBitch Beats Thread
Old 21st July 2020
CheckaBitch Beats Thread

So I am finally attempting to make my first TRUE PsyTrance beat

First and foremost, trust me... I am nobody when it comes to this. I merely happened to fall ass-backward in to everything in quasi-Foresst Gump fashuon, this I am the first to admit my experience was pure luck.

I play a lot of genres of music. However, there is one that intimidates me. PsyTrance. There is great irony here, as I was the first in Texas, if not (and I'm embarrased to even say this) the US when it comes to playing Trance here. All I can do is base this on the timeline of events, in addition the fact no obe I spoke with had ever heard of 'Trance'.

So in spring of 1990 I was in Eurppe (I was there for boxing purporses--not specifically music). When I was in Rome I saw what is "Trance' the first time when I went to a discoteque). My belief is that Trance was "invented" in Italy, but gained popularity in Belguim. I say this because the guys in Brussels that I worked with when we were on that Radikal Records also were with Digi (or Diki--I forget) but the label who put out that Age of Love, which I *think* was recorded in Italy but made the go round in Brussels. I just remember they gave me a copy it was just like what I heard in Rome (mainly the "Deep Side") and my thinking at that time when I first came back wss I had a "new sound of Techno". By that summer I would say the term "Trance" was being used. Personally, I always thouht it due to the hypontic basslines, ut that was just my assumption.

So off I went in the clubs playing this darker, arpeggiated version of Techno with more SFX and for a while I was the "Trance guy". In that BBC documentary, when the woman asked me what Trance was I had the line "Whatever I play, that's Trance" Undeerstad I was like 22 still, abd what I meant was there is bo blueprint being followed. It could be called "curling iron' for all I cared, but what were were playing (remember we were not playing CD's, we were literally making new music--live" ) was real. It was then and it was what it was. Who knows. Perhaps it was my only "artist" moment, as I assume some of you understand what I mean here. We on some like, really become the music type-sh*t, so whatever it was is what it was. Thus I guess my definition of Trance is whatever it is, is what it is."
Said differently, it's hard to define, but we know it when we hear it. And for me, if I would have let loose of flatuance into the VOX mic, then that my gas would have been Trance. That's just how it was.

So I tell you that as I doubt you'll get much this sort of insight elsewhere The crazy thing I never was serious about ANY of it. I am more serious about music now vs back then, I'd say. It was something to do, and something I grew up doing, so it was almost a parry trickk. People would ask "play that sh*t you do in the clubs" and stuff.

The irony here, I am hella intimidated by this PsyTrance. By that...I dunno if I can play this live. It will be tough. That is a new level of Trance (and I LOVE It). Yes I could very easily "mix" a beat--that's nothing IMO.

U really want to come up with a way and play it live. So here is my start below.

As for gwar, I have a feeling that DeepMind 12 and Model D are going to be big players in that. I used the MODX7 to create the opening below, but this is merely me dipping my foot in the water.

I will probably use only a few measures from this, but I have this loicked and loaded.

NOTE: Ignore the stuff at the end, I was starting another beat of another genre. I forgot to cut that part out of the clip.
Old 1st August 2020
Hi Party-people...

So as noted above, I have been focused some on PsyTrance, and...I am getting there. To the point, I put together a "mashup/melody of beats" from some of the PsyTrap beats I've been working on. As with much of Trance the bass line is, being a bass-guy, I got it figured out quickly and now it's a matter of all the extras...which is something I BEEN doing when I introduced "Mean Techno" like 1990. I dig that part...focused on what I need to learn.

Remember this is all about playing it LIVE. I could easily "mix" something.

Take a listen of the mashup. Most notably if you listen starting at 5:34....for those who follow.... I told ya that ol' hag was gonna get her melon popped wide open if she didn't shut her pie-hole. Sh*t's crazy.

Much more to come as I'm getting real close to laying it down.

Old 16th August 2020
Beat o That Day 8/15 (#MadFunk)

The intro says it all..
Old 16th August 2020
Almost forgot, for those following the EDM bouncing ball.. We represent the year I put it down unlike any other.

Old 18th August 2020
Beat O Tha Day 8/16/2020

I've noted that the kids (even my own) enjoy that o'ld school hip-hop'. Seems the online music world does as well as there are many "like" beat-makers who have large channels

Seeing as this is the era I come from. it's something I feel I can do all day and all night. So I went a little different here to challenge myself.

This ia a "Retro/Old Skool hip-hop beat. Meaning...we had the term "Old Skool in 1991 (and decades before that). So this would be an what a 90's "old skool hip-hop beat would be like.

Said differenly: if you are under 40. this is an old skool hip-hop beat, OF A old skool hip-hop beat. If over 50 you already know what it is.

Old 18th August 2020

So first I need that girl who was woofin' al lthat rah-rah sh*t in my Techno Wars thread to come takes a looksy at what we gots going on over hear. LIVE ASS PSYTRANCE.I my lady. Ha ha. I'm serious. Based on all your posts, it seems you are the final say on jthis PsyTrance. It doesn't make sense to me as all you doing is running a midi pack of death metal. This is why your (or, excise me...your DJ Artists beats all sound the same. That's just me though

Seriously check it out ...this is just another start to one only like my 5th PsyTrance beat all together. But I'm feeling real good about my progress and the cool thing here...I have no dependencies. My imagination is what becomes tested..I do agree it's a sub-genre intended for pure mixing. That;s another problem with your midi-packs. There is no mixing t all. I mean if you gonna drag and drop all the same notes and instruments (while just varying tempos and keys).... at least least make it spectacular. Assuming I am able to implement what I have planned, I'll show you the next move here for this beat is. It'll be exciting, it'll be different. Ya know?

I anticipate it to be twice as good hard by EOW.

For everyone else., I made this with a Monologue and JDX-1. I want to connect either my MX or MODX7 to this as I need to decide which one will be the brains. Then you will get a little Deepmind 12, some Mono Station, Model D, and Circuit.

Another combo i'm finding real nasty for this PsyTrance is that We'll see how it goes.
Old 18th August 2020
Almost forgot.

Oh hell no

Old 19th August 2020
Beat O Tha Day 8/17/2020

Party-people, I realize I'm running a bit behnd, so ask that you all stay calm. Please, no rash decisions that might endanger yourself or others. I'll get caught up....

As with that Trap, one of the attributes of House music I love is how scaleable it is. Meaning with these two...oh screw it. Here's some House that gets a little funky as my BOD. Enjoy!

Old 19th August 2020
Here for the gear

Bash my mix please - Separate Ways cover

I updated my mixer and recording pc, so I remixed this for practice. These are some old friends of mine from college.

Comments much appreciated.

Old 20th August 2020
Beat of The Day 8/18/3030

Note: As with any "bass" sound at such low frequencies, headphones are advantages to the listening experience.

This beat was made with a TR-808 and Roland JDX-i

Old 20th August 2020
Old 20th August 2020
Beat of the Week (week of 8/9/2020)

While the last thing I view this as is ny sort of revenue stream, I do believe there is still a huge market out there for "Old Skool Hip-Hop". By that most view early 90's as its hey-day and thus focus on that era. Forgetting that all that early 90's stuff was laid by 80's cats. This beat is reminiscent of those real DJ's in the late 80's. The ones who never made it as the genre os Hip-Hop beats (proper) never took off, but below is the type of jam you'd hear coming from the underground back then. This is when the 808 really start crackin. Real sh*t.
Old 20th August 2020
And...while i realize DAWs have their place (and are a staple in multi-media technology), there is something special/earthy about hardware specifically the sounds of it all.

I read where that guy who wears the mouse head say he agrees analogue sounds better but doesn't feel his audience can tell the what does that mean. He's not playing what he likes? If it sounds better than why doesn't he rock that? I can see he's made some coin though. Good for him.

I just know I have some pure analogue synth beats coming and IMO they are very strong. Very raw.
Old 20th August 2020
So at first I was thinking "Separate Ways."
"Separate Ways."
"Separate Ways?"
"Separate Ways? Where do i know that song from?"
"Mo^(9%#^, where do I know that song?

By this point it began to play and i was suddenly thrust back in to my middle school gym, looking for chics and doing whatever we did at an 8th grade class dance Real sh*t.
I give this an A+. Whoever is singing is spot on. Journey was al little underrated. They had some talented cats but they obviously had a path and had to stay on it Meaning I've always felt if they had the okay to do an album of thier preferred genre, it would be pretty cold. Still nothing wrong with Journey as is. Great job! .
Old 21st August 2020
Welcome to Hook Week

It's the new game sweeping the nation, party-people! It's called
So I am, and have always been the worst with hooks.
I listen to many of your beats, and am envious at how natural many of you are in implementing this concept.

I don't dismiss their value, nor even use a "we didn't have hooks in the days of Techno" (because we did). I am just too lazy. Plus I've always thought them a little corny.
That is me as a BEAT MAKER.
As a LISTENER, I love 'em!
So with this understood, I am making a cognizant effort (this week, anyway) to get my Hook on,, in hopes that you can easily identify, and best case scenario hum that sh*t for the rest of the day. :-)

Then, the following day, I'll time-stamp the first instance of the hook in hopes it was evident.

Here we go....
Old 22nd August 2020
So above the Hook was first presented at 0:30. I hope it was idenified later.

Next we have a remake of a 'Retro Electro' beat I did a while back. The difference here is I added a hook (so I hope).
Old 22nd August 2020
Beat of the Day: 8/20/2020

I realize I have some catch-up to do, but for now...remember when I said I was about to bring that heat?

Old 22nd August 2020
Let's Watch the Evolution of a Techno Beat

My great party-people. I wanted to give you some insight in to the initial draft of an 'Int' beat. For those who aren't familiar, this is essentially the first brush stroke, or the first sentence. The first thought of a beat I have. From this, the next time I think "I feel like dropping some Techno", I already have a foundation on which to build

It's more of a Tech/House beat than anything. I have the remaining 70% in my brain. However, it's in the brain of that little hamster who is running on his wheel inside of my brain, so I just gotta ferret it out. I'll post up the next 2 (perhaps 3) iterations before I add it in to my rotation of live Techno.

Second, I need that girl on here who goes around telling people how to make their Trance beats to give us some love on the Techno side. :-Or, if you wanna keep pretending to be some kind of PsyTrance "expert"...or PsyTrance *anything* we can go there. I already have a thread ready for ya. Right here. Please, I only ask you keep that same energy.
I mean I'm sure you already know when it's go time which one of us is gonna rock. I'm just saying...but damn.

I'm not no bully type. I just like challenging you self-proclaimed experts in their own arenas, especially when they talk down to everyone else about it. Dang why you been so quite, girlfriend? It's just music. I'm def gonna get me some, so you already know what to do. Else, tell me what I should next here in this you do everyone else.

Old 23rd August 2020
Beat O Tha Day 8/21/2020

I realize I risk sounding like a pompous "artist" by saying this, but this beat has real deep meaning in my spare opinion (IMSO)

What I do love about House is how you can do almost anything with it.

It's like smooth clay, where one can mold it in to something they appreciate. Said differently, there is a House beat for everyone.

With that, of course comes chaos. So in this beat, I'm essentially "Shaking the Etch-a-Sketch Clean" by dropping a lot of House in a small window of time.

In this beat, we have everything from Baltimore Ciub to Deep to Infused to Hardcore House beats. It's like a cleansing of all mt House demons. Now I will start House beats anew. You know...with a rejuvenated spirit--I does what it takes.

Succinct version: There is some heavy sh*t in this one. Facts.

Old 24th August 2020
Beat of the Day 8/22/2020 (Meet 'Trappy the Herm')

This is for a series I did way back called 'Super Trap'. It was actually tongue in cheek as some friends and I used to joke about if music can be too "trappy" or, should we endeavor to be the trappiest" etc. Kimd of the trap verion of 'funk' in the early 80's. When showing out with the trappiest trap,, the only rule was we had to keep it classic trap like (which made it trappy), so Super Trap shows out with pure trap fundamentals I did a whole EPIC about a character named Trappy the Herm...who was a Hermaphrodite/Street Busker....
Trust me, it was a scene man. Wild sh*t all the way around.

So, when one of those beats slaps we call it how it is.

Last edited by CHECKaBitchBeats; 26th August 2020 at 06:38 AM..
Old 24th August 2020
So the above beat (I hope) was easy to ascertain.It's first presented at 0:15 "Go"

This one is not as prevalent!

Old 24th August 2020

See link for details. Following video is example of how I'll rock it while I await quests.

No point talking about and not show I am.

Old 24th August 2020
Okay, here we go. This is a perfect example of how it is I need a producer. I am more than capable of ascertaining what is wrong here and how to fix it (and I will) but my attention is now diverted to making this brighter when it should be on actual content, if that makes sense.
With that aside, shift this is a real-life example. I should have tested all the sound first, but as always I'm roaring' to lay my **** down.

Don't Enjoy! I'm only 40% there.
Old 25th August 2020
My Top 20 beats (the real #4)

Florida Breakbeat
Old 26th August 2020
Beat of the Day 8/24/2020

okay, I did you dirty. There wasn't a hook in the beat above. Ha ha. I just wanted to give an idea of what a 'hook-less' beat is.

Back to it, this one really does have a hook (I've been trying). As it's difficult (IMO) to stick with a consistent hook in this style, but I came back to it.

Old 26th August 2020
Beat of the Day 8/22/2020

Looks like I have serious catch-up. Let's start with Tech House. The kids all seem to dig this as well. I felt like listening to some but could not fins anything, thus this was created on the fly.

Old 26th August 2020
Beat o the Day - 8/23/2020

Some of you might have heard my rant/dissertation on that podcast about the 808. --but for those that didn't, I'll post it up soon ,

I dusted of my TR-808 a while back and this past week have made it KNOCK. I've always been more of a 909 guy...but I have to admit the 808 is a bit more fun and has more of those true "sweet spots".

This is truly a warm-up...but it's hard AF nonetheless. Throw this in your Alpine car stereo, turn volume up and bump it. Then you'll know.

Old 4 weeks ago
Riders on the Storm

It's raining in the Desert.
I have yet to look at the covers out there for this, but I imagine they are cold AF.

I am good on the actual creation of it, but wanted to obtain any initial advice on gear. In all candor, it could end up justifying something new...but would love to hear what you have tried/heard when it comes to this this cover.

I am thinking to create it on a MODX7, using the following for tracks:
1.MODX Brains, Drums
2.MicroKorg Lead
3.JDX-i Synthbass/Chords
4. For SFX, it's an All-Skate. Meaning regardless of device,if it works I need to get it in there. So this is merely the final touches

Again, this is merely my thoughts on starting points, but if you know a perfect lead can be created on the Model D /Prest 12 (as n example....

Then i will try anything, short of blowing myself up amusing I have the gear.

This is one of those songs I need to get right, but because IT needs to be right
Old 4 weeks ago
I should not this all started as I was wanting too make a beat using what I feel is the greatest break in modern history. Then I started learning the bass-line, and from there you already know. I'm to the 'rain part' where you ride the keys down) and still looking for the right sound (I have a 'Pulse Clav' that sounds pretty slick with it...especially when I run it through my Flashback and Nautilia for delay and chorus, respectively.

One other note. if any of you can play this and have some footage, then please, represent that. I know many of you are extremely talented so would love to see what you got.
Old 4 weeks ago
Beat of the Day 8/24/2020

This is actually the Opening Act in an Ambient Epic I am writing. I liked it so much I went ahead and made it its own little beat.

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