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30th June 2020
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Due to a long list of complaints from users I will take the chance remind all of you that we expect people using this sub-forum...

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Riccardo 29th September 2011
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Looking to get an album or a track mastered? Need contact details for a Mastering studio or an engineer? This sub-forum is...

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Riccardo 13th January 2007
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Hi, Although Bob's credits are certainly not EDM/acid/etc, I'm halfway through his mastering book and I find it excellent. He...

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David Rick 29th May 2020
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Hi there, I'm shopping for an ME in Canada. Not sure it matters, but genre is braindance/ambient/techno etc. Might be useful...

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mrand 16th May 2020
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HI I am looking for someone in the 20 25 pounds per track to help with mastering only with outboard digital I can do it myself.Is...

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lacnadon 30th April 2020
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Hi all, I'm looking for a ME who uses (or can use) tape as part of the mastering process. For reference, the material to be...

Sir Ruff
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jproc 6th April 2020
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hi! I did a job that required quick mastering and I bought a LANDR subscription, now I finished my tasks but I still have some...

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rackzpro 28th January 2020
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I am looking for a master engineer (online) that can master my single. It is pretty well-produced indie pop. I want a Hi-Fi...

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Hardtoe 23rd October 2019
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Hi, I'm looking into considering looking into improving my Mastering process. Right now I've been using SoundLabs and have...

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Noisewagon 15th September 2019
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Hi, im looking for mastering engineers that can deliver different genres with different budget projects, i produce and mix some...

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Bushman 10th July 2019
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Hi, I'm looking to get a track mastered. Bit of background. I recorded and mixed the track in a small treated room. Have been...

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molelos 17th June 2019
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Hi, I just thought I'd put a message on here as I've seen other people doing it. I have an album of Indie/Synth pop that I've...

Christopher Bay
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nverxion 27th May 2019
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Hi and greetings from Finland! I’m looking a place to master two songs we just recorded. We recorded the songs live at our...

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S_mask 15th May 2019
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needed,,, specifically for hip hop. Lmk,,, thanks!

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Gengee21 29th April 2019
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Hey, I'm an indie singer-songwriter type and I have just completed recording a full-length album (12 songs) which I plan to...

Dave King
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scraggs 19th April 2019
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Mastering Engineer needed for Paid House/Dance Songs. Experienced dedicated Engineers only! Analog Hybrid approach...

Audio Child
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Audio Child 10th April 2019
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This should probably be the topic of a sticky in order to help unsuspecting artists from getting taken advantage of. It just...

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joe sixpak 9th March 2019
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hey guys! We are currently looking for a mastering engineer for our debut ep. its 3 songs influenced by band like daughter,...

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tape_attack!!! 7th March 2019
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Hey guys, I have these couple songs that I need to get mastered. But there is so many mastering studios and engineers these...

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robert82 30th January 2019
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Hello! Bummed to see in another thread that Chris Bauer from Audio Mastering Service passed away over a year ago. Do any of...

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Mastering7 29th January 2019
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Good mastering services online help. Looking for a good mastering dude for club music can you recommend anyone good. There...

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theMuzzl3 11th January 2019
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Please forgive me if I’m posting in the wrong place. I found a GS thread about this on Google but it’s out of date. I have...

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dmnieto 9th January 2019
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Hi guys! i`ll plan to record new album at january, 2019 and have no idea which mastering service need for me. I had a bad...

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ScottHull 27th November 2018
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Hi, I've recorded a piano solo album, about 10 pieces, it's just piano solo, I'd like to know if someone can recomend me a...

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CGR 12th November 2018
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Hey... I'm a relatively unknown artist and I record and mix my own music. I have just finished a single that needs to be...

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Arthur Stone 17th October 2018
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Hi, looking for recommendations for Mastering for modern electronic/noise/industrial types of music. Also interested in both...

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wakestyle 28th September 2018
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Hi! Newbie here. In '99, I recorded an album on ADAT/DAT that I released as-is without any real mastering per se. I'd like to...

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Bushman 11th September 2018
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hi, i am looking for some test masterings for my upcoming album release. it will be my first vinylrelease. the pressplant told...

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zinzin 26th July 2018
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Hi everyone! I apologize in advance for the cross post, but I'm a recent graduate of UAL- London, and I'm on the search for...

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lina22 24th July 2018
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Hi all I've just aquired mastering which i'll be developing (currently a holding page) and wondered if anyone fancies...

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Dina Mastering 5th July 2018
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Hi there. I have an album I recorded over 30 years ago that I am having difficulty finding someone to successfully digitize...

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SparkyCanada 3rd July 2018
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Good day! A good friend of mine, a musician and a music director, just finished a recording of his band. He wants to press a...

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cemski 3rd July 2018
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Hey everyone.. I’m looking for a new mastering engineer for a few clients, mostly Gospel music. I have been using a very well...

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Thomas W. Bethe 3rd June 2018
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Hi, I'll be hiring for a mastering house. Am interested in Abbey Roads studios. I'm not sure what the average cost per song is...

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Dana_T. 13th May 2018
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Hi, I am trying to find out what is the going rate to get a single mastered. It is an independent release (no record label). I...

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JR Mastering 19th April 2018
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Does anyone know if it's possible to just get a mixing/mastering engineer to just sum 32 tracks without any sort of processing?...

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dbot 8th April 2018
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Hello, I am looking for someone to master my "best of" collection that i want to put out soon. It will be 24 songs. My...

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karibu 24th March 2018
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I'm sorry if this isn't the right forum, but I found some threads in mastering about cd manufacturing/replication so I thought...

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htmlviking 22nd March 2018
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Just launching our record label and looking for online mastering engineer to handle folk-rock EP of five tracks (melodeon,...

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Deleted 691ca21 18th March 2018
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JWILLIAMS 17th October 2017
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I will live in NY in september, I'm a producer. I was wondering where mastered in NY. I saw sterling sound, but there are a lot...

gabriel prod
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gabriel prod 13th August 2017
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Hi, I have written and mix/mastered my own songs for many years so am not new to the game, however when comparing my mixes to...

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ha33y 1st August 2017
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Hi guys, I am putting together a 5 song EP that will need to be mastered. It is in the electronic/rock genre similar to...

Chad Sterling
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Silvertone 27th July 2017
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I have three snippets of audio I recorded while half-asleep in bed (it's for when I have story/plot ideas for the novel I'm...

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Lunatique 21st July 2017
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I was unsure which forum this would go in, but this one seems like the best. I'm looking for a solid and affordable professional...

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Solid Mastering 10th July 2017
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Hello all, Can you guys tell me what is the best mastering house for techno music like Drumcode and Soma for example? I'm...

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Solid Mastering 10th July 2017
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Hi all, I am looking for an ME for my new collection. It is all programmed stuff, all the way from pop to hip hop to kind of...

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greatFox 18th June 2017
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Hi everyone, I need an online mastering service with a professional background. My finished music is electronic based but not...

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streaky 2nd June 2017
Avatar for valeot

i just finished mixing a record and looking for a mastering engineer who is into indierock ala black keys. as iam mastering...

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valeot 30th April 2017
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Hello, I'm looking for recommendations on a mastering engineer for working on a twelve song album for a band with a very...

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sparrow 26th April 2017
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Hi, I'm looking to get my band's 11 track album mastered. We're a small band from deep South Texas, we recorded our album in a...

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Jacob M 20th April 2017
Avatar for Rob Coates

This may not be the proper subforum but can anybody suggest a good mastering engineer in the Twin Cities that doesn't cost an arm...

Rob Coates
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Brent Hahn 19th April 2017


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