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Bob Katz Good Choice For Electronic?
Old 3rd May 2019
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Bob Katz Good Choice For Electronic?


Although Bob's credits are certainly not EDM/acid/etc, I'm halfway through his mastering book and I find it excellent. He seems like an efficient professional with tons of experience. His rates are decent.

Would he be a fair choice to master an electronic album, even though he's not geared to that genre? I feel like on a technical level he'd bring out the best of the music.

Old 3rd May 2019
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Mastering job is the less genre-dependant stage of all the production.
A good ME will do a great job on every style; the reason because you see a longer credit list of a music genre or another is just because when the ME makes a success record his/her name becomes connected to that genre, and this will bring more jobs from producers of similar styles.

Taking that matter into account and Bob outstanding skills you will not be wrong with him for sure.

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Old 4th May 2019
Listen to Bob's work here, and see if it speaks to you.
Old 5th May 2019
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Originally Posted by David Rick View Post
Listen to Bob's work here, and see if it speaks to you.
It's fair enough but it's hard for me to know how much of that quality is the mixing and how much is the mastering. I guess I'm trying to figure out if a good mastering engineer is significantly bolstered by experience in the genre, or if sonic experience trumps that.
Old 9th May 2019
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I'd like to put as an aside, I've received quite a few PM's of people saying things like "I'll master your album for cheap" or "Don't want to say anything against Bob, but he's old and I'm young".
Old 29th May 2020
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Eminem, Dr. Dre, Katy Perry's mastering engineer - Brian "Big Bass" Gardner

He was the lead mastering engineer at Bernie Grundman Mastering until he became independent in 2014

Sure enough, he might be expensive but he's the one who can give you the loud, heavy low end, his work speaks for himself.

Credits -

Reach him out at

(I am not an associate of Brian, or am related to him in any way, he's just my favorite guy when it comes to mastering and is recommended for the type of music you work with, he's mainly a hip-hop/pop guy but specializes in Low End and thus should work out for you)
Old 29th May 2020
Hey Alex,

You might want to check the date on a thread before you reply to it.

Also, far be it from me to cast aspersions on someone who worked under Bernie Grundman, but a lot of the younger folks calling themselves "mastering engineers" never had a job like that and, if they know anything at all technically, may have learned it out of a book. So I should note for the record that there's only one book, and Bob Katz wrote it.
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