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The WesAudio Hyperion is a 500 Series stereo/dual-mono/mid–side 4-band analog EQ with digital recall that gives you complete control via its companion plug-in. Connectivity to your computer is handled via a front-panel USB port — or by a special rear-panel connector — that allows it to communicate with its free companion plug-in for complete control and automation within your DAW. A member of the company's ng500 product line, Hyperion features a special connector (an extension of the standard connector found on all 500 Series modules), that allows it to mate with WesAudio's _TITAN ng500 Recall Chassis. It also works in most standard 500 Series racks. Aside from its total recall capabilities, Hyperion offers extensive flexibility for sculpting your sound.


Wes Audio announces _HYPERION fully analog parametric equalizer with digital recall

Wes Audio announces _HYPERION fully analog parametric equalizer with digital recall _HYPERION is fully analog parametric EQ with +24dBu of headroom. It features a lot of innovative improvements that no other processor on the market provides. It's innovative design utilizes 18 VCAs per channel to provide noiseless parameter changes and very musical nature. _HYPERION is...

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Updates on Cranborne Audio Camden 500, 500R8, 500ADAT - Test Drive Mojo!

...definitely the 500r8 and some modules to fill it up. 1-2 slots : Camden500 3-4 slots : Looptrotter Sat500 5-6 slots : Wes Audio Hyperion 7-8 slots : Wes Audio Dione I currently use the 500r8 via USB on mac osx Mojave. And I gotta say...although it is my first Lunchbox, I am pleased over the top. Everyday in...

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What's on your purchase list for 2020?

Stuff for 2020: Burl BDA4M and BAD4M cars WESAudio Titan rack with 4 x Mimas, 2 x Hyperion and Prometheus WESAudio NgBusComp

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