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The characteristics of both voices and musical instruments are unique. Therefore the demands for a versatile large-diaphragm microphone are very high. ​ The WeissKlang V13 works with a discrete and transformerless circuit as well as superior components, which ensure excellent acoustic qualities and a high sound pressure level transmission. ​ With the excellent impulse response and the clear and linear character, the V13 is perfectly suitable for critical recording processes. The V13 has a high dynamic range and with a low self equivalent noise level of <10 dB-A it's almost noise-free. Due to the frequency range of 20 - 20.000 Hz the microphone is able to record extremely low (and high) frequencies. The newly developed WMK-13 capsule is gold-sputtered, acoustically well-balanced and least sensitive at the rear (cardioid). The circuit and the capsule are matched, in order to get the best possible acoustic properties. We rely on measurement data, but we also consider the human hearing.


Telefunken CU29, WARM WA47, and Vanguard V13 samples on male vocal.

...these mics before, but I'm going to guess "a" is the cu29, "b" is the wa47 and "c" is the v13.

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Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio

...just there to add a little support. Vanguard Audio V4 in figure 8 to use as M/S with the RCA, V13 on front of kick with the pad and high pass on (Sounds SO good with that kick, you hardly have to do anything mix wise), AEA R88 as a close room/kit mic. That's...

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Vocal studio rig in the €2-3000 euros range?

...Logic is about €200. KRK KNS8400 headphones are about €120. Vanguard V4 condenser mic is about €400...the tube Vanguard V13 is about €900. If you’re getting a dynamic, Telefunken M80 will be about €100 less. Even cheaper is the SE V7 at around €90. Apollo Twin MkII comes with unison preamps and like-latency DSP-based tracking (preamps, EQ...

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