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The power of the complete Solid State Logic SL 4000 console series is now at your fingertips with the SSL G-Channel, a plugin that consolidates the equalization and dynamic controls of the SSL G-Series consoles into one convenient tool. Developed under license from Solid State Logic, this EQ and dynamics plugin was modeled directly on the classic SSL G-Series consoles, heard on countless hit records. The G-Channel EQ module delivers the original hardware’s characteristic pre-boost dip, pre-cut rise, and broad Q for extreme frequency manipulation. The Dynamics section features soft-knee compression and limiting, a gate/expander, and automatic makeup gain for rock steady output levels. Together, they deliver the one-of-a-kind sound and convenient routing flexibility that have made the SSL G-Series console a control room classic.


Waves update Plan

...bundles received complimentary copies of Waves Tune LT, IR-L Parametric Convolution Reverb, Q-Clone, L3 Multimaximizer, MaxxVolume, MV2, MV360, L3-LL Multimaximizer, SSL G-Channel, and more. Special discounts. When you renew your Waves Update Plan coverage, you will receive a 45-day Waves Update Plan Credit toward the purchase of any product or upgrade, equal to the amount...

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A couple Of questions about gain staging with plugins the end, so that you end up with your finished mix sitting at -18DBFS/0vu on the master buss??? 3) Waves SSL G-Channel Plugin. The user manual for this plugin states that the level indicators are DBFS - but when I set a Track to 0VU, it inputs into this plugin at a good...

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