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With five intuitive state-of-the-art noise reduction tools, Restoration includes everything you need to revive damaged recordings. Whether you are working in post production, rejuvenating old vinyl and shellac discs, protecting archival and field recordings, or fixing deteriorating film and television soundtracks, Restoration is your all-in-one audio cleaning solution. Includes Z-Noise, X-Noise, X-Hum, X-Click, and X-Crackle.


Restoration programs

i do use the waves restoration bundle. very useful. much better than the cheaper stuff, like soundsoap. otoh, every account suggests that cedar and no noise are the best things out there. i haven't had the chance to use those, but i don't have huge restoration work to do. for me, simple cassette clean...

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Acon Digital releases DeFilter - Automatic EQ and Restoration Tool

Verberate's worth checking out as well! Great reverb at a nice price.

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Any Waves plugins worth buying?

Last month I transferred my friend’ tape to the digital domain and use a Waves X-Noise plug-in from the Restoration bundle, then an Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain plug-in to add some «flavor». I’m very pleased with the results, and it was a time saver for me! As for the other purposes, I like the...

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