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With everything from reverb, delay, and equalization to compression, limiting, and level maximization, Power Pack is a perfect introduction to the experience. Whether you are just getting started or you are expanding your production palette, Power Pack gives you the processing power you and your mixes just can’t do without. Includes 10 essential plugins for mixing and mastering, including compression, EQ, reverb, delay, level maximization and more.


Waves bad business tactics!

...already own an iLok however, so at least the $40 is already spent. I've got both Rennaisance Packages and the the Native Power Pack. I could live without most of their stuff if I had to, but that IR-1...amazing!

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Best investment?? Slate vmr vs waves vs uad

Have you used every single Waves tool? Or just a percentage? Would something from the Native Power Pack long ago sound "plasticky" as well as something new from this year? Is it in the Mercury collection or some famous engineers pack? A few years ago I sat in with a mastering engineer,...

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What is the single most expensive plug you've paid for?

...price, but hundreds...late 90s. Packages such as Komplete or Waves bundles shouldnt count. You want individual tools right? If packages, Waves Native Power pack around 20 years ago. That was several hundred. Waves L2 (not in any bundle) came on floppies and was very expensive too. Hundreds...I cant remember exactly. That tool paid...

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