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Effects, Stereo Width, Stereo Image, Spatial


SSL-4072 G+ Series VS. VCC, NLS and Buss Compressors! too hard Finally, the stereo image on the console is different so to compensate for this I added the Waves S1 stereo imager and just opened it up a bit. And there you have it a real SSL in the box. Of course they sound different but they both sound really really good. I did...

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Black Box Analog Design 'HG-2' Mix Bus Enhancement unit (audio samples inside)

Greetings, You make my point for me. You needed 4 plugins to do what the HG2 did without any effort. Better still, that was only ONE example of the many we posted. How many plugins would you need to obtain everything we did? a dozen? more? At the end of the day, I...

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george michael reverb

It struck me that if I just pulled down the Gain and increased the Time it gives me almost the same effect. Close enough for my purpose. The trick was in the Waves RVerb. The same channel also runs: Channel EQ Echo Ozone 8 Vintage Limiter Chroma Reverb Waves S1 Imager

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