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For mixing, mastering, and more, the L2’s legendary combination of look-ahead brickwall peak limiting, level maximization, and ultra high resolution give you the power and extra gain you need with crystal-clear results every single time.

  • Manual and ARC Automatic Release Control
  • IDR (Increased Digital Resolution) with double precision bit re-quantization and dither with 9th-order noise shaping filter
  • Double precision bit resolution processing
  • Up to 24-bit/192 kHz resolution
  • Mono and stereo components


What's on your master bus? (analog only please)

...1968 4 Elysia Xpressor 4 Pendulum ES-8 4 Pendulum*PL-2 4 Roll Music RMS755 4 Smart C1 3 Fearn VT-7 3 Foote P3S 3 Regular John Master Buss Compressor 3 Portico 5043 3 Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph 3 SSL-G Series Bus Compressor 3 Vertigo VSC-2 3 Waves L2 2 API 527 2 Dave Hill Designs Titan 2 DBX 160SL 2 EAR 660 2 Fairchild 670 2 JDK R22 2 NTP 179-470 2 Rockruepel Comp.One 2 ShadowHills Optograph 2 TubeTech smc-2b 2 Vintage Design CL1MK2 1 ADL 1500 1 ADL 670 1 Airfield Liminator 2 1 Alesis 3630 1 Analoguetube*comp* 1 Atomic Squeezebox 1 BAE 10DC 1 Cartec 1 Chandler Germanium comps 1 Chandler LTD 1 Chandler TG 1 1 Chandler TG comp? 1 Daking Fet III 1 DBX 160xl 1 DBX 160xt 1 DBX 162 1 DBX...

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Digital vs. Analog vs. Digital

lol the kind of psychobabble they used to come out with. this from an old Waves L2 ULTRAMAXIMIZER (hardware version) sales brochure .. "L2’s Increased Digital Resolution wordlength reduction system features ninth-order noise shaping which can increase the perceived sound by as much as 18dB. For example, when you start with original sources of 20...

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Using a limiter as a vocal leveling plugin

Twin-L is quickly becoming one of my favorite PSP plugins and dynamics processors for this exact reason. I don't use L2 though. I have started using things like analog channel ac101 or other clean preamp style plugins to transparently handle peaks followed by twin-l for leveling and I not only get quick results...

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