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Wampler Reflection Reverb Reverb, it's either too basic or too complicated. Not anymore. The Reflection is a compact, single-button reverb pedal designed to get the washes of tone that you see in some overly complicated stompbox computers. Flip a switch to shift from swampy and springy to studio-grade plate reverb. Manipulate that ambience on the fly, thanks to the intuitive control layout. With internal switches to control the effect’s tails and dry signal, this pedal will integrate perfectly into almost any guitar rig. 2 voicings: studio grade plate and big tank-like spring Infinite Decay and up to 140ms early reflection make it as organic as possible Internal dip switch for true bypass/buffered to allow ‘trails’ Internal dip switch for ‘dry kill’ that just has the reverb sounding High-grade components selected for their superior sound and response Hand built in the U.S.A.


Moog One

...limitations that become very frustrating for me to deal with - but this is more a reflection of me than the One. At the same time, I would love a multitude of starting points, so this complex start to finish sound design process isn’t always required. I also have to keep reminding myself that this...

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Greatest studio designs

...anechoic response for the first ~20ms (the Haas window), and then a "Haas Kicker" where there is a diffuse room reflection arriving at the listening position just on the outside edge of the Haas window. Control rooms with diffusers on the rear wall are (generally) more towards the LEDE/RFZ paradigm. It seems to me...

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Looking for Vocal mic for Female lead vocals in home studio

Why not go whole hog and use a shotgun mike? A regular cardioid would have a null in the back to shield room noise. A hyper cardiod has a big loop in the back just like the front does and could pick up more noise from the room.

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