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From its lowest to highest settings, the Walrus Audio Voyager provides a uniquely superb amount of clarity to any style of playing. At lower gain settings, it brightens the signal and adds clarity to each note played. With the gain turned up, the Voyager transforms into a thick overdrive, providing depth to chorded playing while retaining the clarity needed to break through on solos. Has True Bypass switching. Note: The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Walrus Audio Pedals. Daisy chain power supplies are not recommended. Power requirements: 9V DC 20mA.


Moog One - old HUGE thread

Me too. My wife about crapped when I told her I was buying a synth for $8000, but honestly, after looking at the specs - which push the state of the art in every category: oscillators, noise, EGs, filters, even the patch system - and how the hell do you have CV on a poly, let...

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Moog One

YouTube or SoundCloud demos are usually enough for me to know whether or not a synth is interesting to me. Of course afterwards, there remains the question of bonding with the actual instrument, but that's difficult to predict. I know that if I had a Moog One on pre-order I would be very excited. If the built quality...

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Do You Even Use The Triangle Wave?

One of the sickest Voyager patches I have is straight triangles. The OSC 3->1 FM has no VCA or attenuator to control the depth of the modulation, and it's pretty unstable. Triangles as source and destination seem to give the most useful results. I also sync osc 2 to osc 1, with osc2's wave also...

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