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Here's the perfect way to put a classic synth to work in your music, without spending a bundle! Waldorf's PPG Wave 3.V software synth gives you the sound and vibe that the early '80s classic offered, plus functionality that players back then wouldn't have been able to dream of. Best of all, the PPG Wave 3.V does it at a mere fraction of the original's cost. You get up to 256 voices of polyphony, over 500 new sounds (including specially created samples for this version), over 100 new wavetables (created by Wolfgang Palm), and more. The PPG Wave 3.V gives you authentic reproductions of the digital oscillators from the 2.2 and 2.3 models, and even includes the PPG Wave 2.3's factory sounds. You also get six outstanding effects types onboard the stellar PPG Wave 3.V.


I broke down all my gear to sell / switch to ITB - but there was no way I could do it terms of sound quality. ANY analog synth > Diva ANY hardware modular > Reaktor Microwave > all software wavetable synths (including PPG Wave 3v, Largo, Nave, etc.) Virus > all software VA synths (including Sylenth, Spire, Dune, Diversion, etc.) DX7 > all software FM synths (including FM8, etc.) I rest my case. Seriously, there is nothing left for...

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Tight Midi here we go again!!!! Cubase 2.8 oh yeah

...running OSX Mail running 1024 buffer. 4 Logic retro synths. 1 ES2 2 MiniMoog V 2 CS80 V 1 2600 V 2 Modular V 5 Jupiter V 3 Wavestations 2 PPG 3.V 2 Prophet V 2 Oberheim SEM V 2 M1 CPU meter around 60% Then MIDI note on data recorded from an External Instrument plug-in in Logic X, via a MIDI to audio lead and tested with MLA...

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PPG Wave does't interpolate between single-cycles?

...from a computer - a peculiar omission, since the S-550 of course could communicate with Sound Designer, Alchemy, etc. Re: Waldorf PPG 3.V, IIRC, I don't think the filter was actually updated from 2.V - just the envelope behavior, and also some work done to try and more accurately represent the oscillator artifacts. At least...

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