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Hello, I am on a project including real-time binaural spatialization. I have seen there are some plug-ins to convert...

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amundsen 13th November 2017
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They discovered what we at Rhumba recently discovered. Fun stuff. The funniest bit is that the reporter for Ars is gushing...

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PatrickFaith 13th November 2017
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One theme I noticed at Gamesoundcon was almost everyone explained in detail how they thought in objects vs scenes vs channels. ...

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PatrickFaith 13th November 2017
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UPDATE: Now closed to new questions! Thanks to everyone who participated!! Hey everyone! In advance of next month's big...

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Black Diamond 3rd November 2017
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Hi everyone, I just got the latest version of ProTools HD 12.2.8 with new Ambisonics mixing capabilities and I'd like to know...

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Tapwatr 27th October 2017
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Hey guys i would like to produce with my daw (cubase) in vr. Think should work with bigscreen vr or virtual desktop. Befire i...

sound joe
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sound joe 22nd October 2017
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Howdy folks, and first post here. I've been experimenting with some ambisonic recordings and 360 videos using Reaper and the...

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PatrickFaith 17th October 2017
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With a focus on Virtual Reality sound this year, GameSoundCon might be just the ticket if you're in or near LA in...

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PatrickFaith 13th October 2017
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Just thought I'd share a site specific project we've been working on which uses immersive 3D audio in the forest : 195733721

Magik Door
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Synth Guru 11th October 2017
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Has anyone used one of these as a multichannel player or interface for surround sound purposes yet (or any other ) - does it just...

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Gusss 11th October 2017
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New up-mixing plugin from Waves. Could be useful. It's much cheaper than the Nugen Halo. I'm going to have to give the demo a go...

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Tapwatr 11th October 2017
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Slutz, Our group has released an evolving, AR audio composition for iOS--alongside a how-to guide for other musicians to build...

tcw av
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tcw av 10th October 2017
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So many questions... How many people are using the Dolby Atmos suite for mixing VR? From the little I've used it, it seems so...

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PatrickFaith 7th October 2017
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I grabbed one of these units, and it sounds great! I was just wondering if anyone has used it to set up a multi-monitor surround...

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mildheadwound 4th October 2017
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I've been frustrated on AR standards recently, there are huge volumes in the cell phone industry happening in 2018 yet I can't...

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PatrickFaith 23rd September 2017
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I think the game forum is basically dead, and the immersive forum seems to have died right off the bat. I don't think anyone in...

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Whitecat 13th September 2017
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Hi, I have been approached about a project that is essentially an exhibition/art instillation with a requirement for immersive...

Mick Boggis
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Magik Door 31st July 2017
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Two weeks ago I had an opportunity to sit down with Rafael Duyos and test his DSpatial software. It is still quite difficult...

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Gusss 31st July 2017
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In an attempt to get some discussions going in this new group, get some traction, I was woundering if people wanted to talk about...

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PatrickFaith 30th July 2017
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What is the most immersive music creation environment for you? Is it your modular system? Your MPC + sh-101? Is it Reason,...

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Magik Door 28th July 2017
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Magik Door 28th July 2017
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Could someone clarify the basic audio post workflows for ambisonics/VR content? I'm just wrapping my head around (pun intended)...

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PatrickFaith 31st May 2017
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Here are the videos taken during my seminar at Westlake Pro with Avid's Rich Nevens and myself. It is a 12 Part Video where I...

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dr.sound 26th April 2017
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Hey guys, We're shooting lots of VR, 360 stereo with our Nokia OZO camera. I'm looking for anyone that can help us with...

Cajun Bob
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Cajun Bob 9th April 2017
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There's a bunch of new VR earbuds coming out, here's a couple of new ones: 1) oculus rift earbuds -...

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PatrickFaith 31st January 2017
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I'm prepping for a Sound Design/Mix gig for a 360 VR Video where 12 people are tap dancing in a circle. The video is going to be...

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Newmann 6th December 2016
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Hi guys, Perhaps this would be better in the post production part of the forum but I wanted to cast my net as wide as...

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benoïde 6th November 2016
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Does anybody here have experience mixing for virtual reality? If so, I'd love to pick your brain. Thanks!

Sonic Mafia
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Sonic Mafia 18th October 2016
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Hi there! Recently i became more interested in this particular area (but am rather clueless bout some basics still), so i'm...

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Loa 5th October 2016
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Sennheiser is joining the immersive audio fray with AMBEO 3D: Sennheiser - Headphones & Headsets - Microphones - Integrated...

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Lucas_G 3rd October 2016
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Hi Slutz, Is this is a first "true" and most "realistic" Spatial VR audio rendering engine available...

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Tapwatr 16th September 2016
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I recently purchased an Oculus Rift VR headset and have been totally blown away with the technology. A couple days ago I was...

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golden beers 11th August 2016
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What are people's thoughts on VR Sound/ Immersive audio etc as far as a future medium? Will it ever go beyond gaming or a novelty...

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lae777 9th July 2016
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Hi everyone, got myself a Samsung Galaxy S7 and a Gear VR. Two Big Ears' Video Player supports the Occulus Rift, is the...

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PatrickFaith 30th June 2016
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Although "Sound Particles" is mainly used for sound design, specially when you want to create thousands of sound...

Nuno Fonseca
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PatrickFaith 30th May 2016
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Hi Has anyone got much experience in outputting audio for Samsung Gear VR or Oculus. My first step is to try to specialise a...

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kosmokrator 29th April 2016
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Hi i been shooting vdo for sometimes with canon 5Dmk2 and 7D,i wonder what kind of camera,lens or anything to have vdo footage...

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Matt Nolan 1st April 2016
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Just saw this, filmed in a large theatre in downtown Amsterdam. I guess we'll be hearing some very lively screamings in the...

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Reptil 25th March 2016
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I have a client interested in producing some VR video. I'm trying to get a handle on what the audio requirements and...

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kosmokrator 9th February 2016
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I have a bunch of basically stupid questions on Immersive Post workflow, I kind of stepped into it in that protools...

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ggegan 4th February 2016
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Hey all, want to get your thoughts on the role that you think this technology (virtual reality) will play in the future of our...

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LejonBrames 18th September 2015
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I've had the pleasure of demoing virtual reality headsets a couple times in the past month and I'm fully convinced it will be a...

Pedantic Sound
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Dan Smith 24th June 2015
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DTS:X - Open, Immersive And Flexible Object-Based Audio Yes we need MORE immersive sound options! :) Aligning with the open...

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tom chapman 4th May 2015
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Hi there, *moved from the music for picture forum* I am new to this forum, so thanks for taking the time to read my...

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chriskellyfilm 14th April 2015
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Hi there, I am new to this forum, so thanks for taking the time to read my questions. I am a documentary filmmaker and I am...

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chriskellyfilm 13th April 2015
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Hi, I'm an absolute noob to forums. This would be my first. But this is a community I'm interested in getting into and get to...

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ggegan 14th November 2014
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Mix magazine is sponsoring an Immersive Sound event at Sony Pictures to discuss Atmos, Auro3D, and other emerging...

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[email protected] 7th September 2014
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Greetings fellows! Music: Immerse - Neospud - YouTube I'm really keen to share my first track with people and would like to...

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neospud 7th September 2014
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Hi there! I am currently working on a Masters degree in sound and for my research I was hoping to ask the sound community...

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GearAndGuitars 17th August 2013
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Hi there! I am currently working on a Masters degree in sound and for my research I was hoping to ask the sound community...

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Degausser 21st July 2013


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