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The virtual piano for the small budget With the support of the venerable and renowned Viennese piano manufacturer Bösendorfer we have developed our first sampled grand piano software instrument, a true recreation of a Bösendorfer 290 Imperial that was tuned and regulated by the piano manufacturer’s best engineers and piano technicians. Bösendorfer Imperial makes full use of the Vienna Instruments sample player engine and performance algorithms including automatic repetition performances. Its massive 54 GB sample set includes unlooped sustain samples in pedal up and pedal down variations and in 7 velocity layers, tone repetitions, real recorded sustain pedal resonances, multiple release samples, and key noises. The Bösendorfer 290 Imperial is the only concert grand in the world to have nine additional sub-bass notes, extending the instrument’s key range downward to the low C – for a total range of eight octaves. The extended key range not only provides richness and depth to the entire instrument, it also allows for the performance of works that have been originally scored with these lower notes, by composers such as Bartók, Debussy, Ravel and Busoni. For heightened realism, the sound of the piano in its resonating state – with the sustain (damper) pedal depressed – has been captured. This results in the physically correct recreation of the piano’s resonant character in both pedal-down and pedal-up positions. With the Bösendorfer Imperial there are no sample manipulations, no fades between tones, and no DSP calculations, just an absolutely natural acoustic image of the actual processes that occur while playing the instrument. Our team has developed a recording technique that adds to each single note the exact sound that is created when the pianist presses the piano’s sustain pedal, allowing other strings to vibrate. Thus the virtual instrument acts just like the piano itself, creating the characteristic pedal tone sound which now for the first time is available in the shape of samples. Another innovation is the Repetition Performances. These samples take into account the sound created when a vibrating string is struck again. Within the Vienna Instruments player, repeated notes of the same pitch are actually played repetitions, meaning that a new sample is heard with every keystroke. Apart from the acoustic perspective of the pianist, the user is also provided with concert hall audience perspective, for proper imaging on the orchestral stage. Each of the two listening positions incorporates 4,675 samples. The Bösendorfer Imperial collection was released in 2006. If you’re looking for an even more authentic virtual piano with a considerably higher number of samples, please check out our Vienna Imperial.


Bardstown Audio's Acoustic Upright "THE BASS" Upgrade

...have been sent new DVD's which reflect this upgrade. Here are links to the demos, which also feature Bardstown Audio's Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Model 290 as well... Enjoy! And here is our latest demo produced by Alan Russell... For detailed information about "THE BASS," visit our web site at Kip...

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Who uses EQ while recording - why/why not?

...if you don't get hurt. Funny how that works. EVERYTHING in nature is "EQ'd". Change your listening position next to Jim Williams' Bosendorfer Imperial and you have just "Eq'd". This, among about 10 other things I can think of off the top of my head, are the reason the old school "Change the mic or pre...

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Nord Stage, Nord Piano or Yamaha Montage?

...impressed by the Nord Piano 3's pianos, which I presume are also used by the Stage 3. But then Yamaha's Bosendorfer Imperial Grand is lovely. Other sounds... swings and roundabouts. Like you say, the Nord wins when it comes to vintage string machines, mellotrons, etc. But the Montage has much better choirs and vocal...

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