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I answered a question this morning for one of our amazing sound guys... I thought I'd share a version here for reference... It's...

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georgia 7th October 2012
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I'll be one of your moderators for your viewing pleasure.... Enjoy and if you can't find it here, feel free to ask! ...

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maddog 7th October 2012
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If you are a video editor, or a new sound editor... read this. It's some good info on Frame rates and speeds. Before you...

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georgia 5th October 2012
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I dropped this potential sticky here, for people to offer insights and comments on TIME CODE and working with time code for...

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Whitecat 4th October 2012
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SUB-FRAME editing in FCP for AUDIO Final cut is a FRAME based editing tool. So you have to create a loop that is FRAME...

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georgia 4th October 2012
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... and because it's come up a few times, video production chatter will be OK here as well. The tagging system we are slowly...

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Whitecat 29th June 2012
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Just a question, possibley not the correct (But only) forum. For an avid editor with about a $7000 camera tripod rig with the...

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ThisIsSka 5th June 2012
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so title mainly says it. so i got hired for my first feature film and i started sketching ideas, but i was wondering what are...

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AjanovicH 30th March 2012
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Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X with Multicam Support, Advanced Chroma Keying, and XML Support - MacRumors Forums

The Beatsmith
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The Beatsmith 2nd February 2012
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Im telling you guys we are smack in the middle the cinematography evolution, film and video camera people are on a bridge...

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1073 6th January 2012
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I was talking to a person who works in management for a local TV station . He was telling me about the changes that are happening...

Thomas W. Bethe
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insomaniac 7th September 2011
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Apple Puts Legacy Final Cut Studio Back on Sale - Mac Rumors Looks like Apple finally put their tail rightfully between their...

Peter Morrison
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Geert van den Berg 3rd September 2011
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Hi all. I hope this is the right place to ask, I'm mostly into music production and usually hang out in other areas of...

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Camarillo 28th August 2011
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If anybody is struggling with the upgrade from Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro X in their post production work, here is a little...

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Thomas W. Bethe 28th August 2011
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Hi All, Currently I have a 5.1 mix down from PT and I have the fully edited movie in FCP9. How can I merge the audio with the...

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SDDP 4th August 2011
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Watch this: Conan O'Brien rips Apple's Final Cut Pro X on show | Apple Talk - CNET News

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NetworkAudio 24th June 2011
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This was just presented tonight at NAB. It will be only $299! Available in June. This is a complete redesign with great new...

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Geert van den Berg 13th April 2011
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Final Cut Pro VS Avid - DiBiase on Vimeo

[email protected]
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anas 12th April 2011
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Hi, I have here final cut studio 2. I bought it second hand some time ago. Does it work well on a new macbook pro 13-inch:...

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Geert van den Berg 25th February 2011
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The first Los Angeles Post Production meeting of the year will have you pulling out your iPhones and iPads as well as learning to...

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LAPPG2008 22nd December 2010
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Slashcam News : NAB-hit: professional editing system LightWorks is Open Source What are your thoughts? Has anyone here done...

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Steven1145 17th November 2010
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I am seeking advice for a simple DVD authoring program for mac. I am a film composer, and need a basic and reliable method for...

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question 13th August 2010
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hello, i am a total newb to filmmaking. in fact, i am such a newb that i dont even own 1 piece of gear for film , not even 1...

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maskedman72 10th July 2010
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Anyone know how I can incorporate a 1080p tv in my final cut studio 2 setup? Is it just as easy as buying a dvi to hdmi cable?...

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Rick Sanchez 30th April 2010
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Is there a way to have Final Cut Pro ignore all the plug-ins installed on my system? Trying to launch and all my Waves...

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blindsidejamie 10th March 2010
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i wanna find out more about technical video post stuff. more about aspect ratios, frame rates, rgb, ntsc/pal, CC, HD/SD , and...

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surflounge 25th November 2009
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Is there an annual show like AES for the Video and Film Industry?

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surflounge 12th October 2009
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I'm helping someone prepare DATs for playback for a music video shoot, and I found out that they want to shoot some portions of...

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[email protected] 24th December 2008
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Hey Guys, Now that some video editors are mixing the audio themselves - anyone here attempting to move into video work to keep...

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7161 1st November 2008
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Hi gang , I don`t know if this is the right forum for this , but I`m curious about Digital Video Cameras and music videos....

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k3nnyt4n 28th July 2008
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I'm trying to open a quicktime file I have been sent. I do not have quicktime pro, I have the free version. apparently I need...

matt thomas
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matt thomas 2nd April 2008
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Hey there guys, I know this is the post forum, but I thought this would be the best place to ask. We will be shooting a music...

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soundguydave 21st March 2008
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I'm an audio engineer, who's pretty new to video. My friend and I shot 2 cameras at a concert. His was on miniDV and captured...

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kurt 14th March 2008
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Im doing an internship and documentry. Pretty big names will be around. All I have is a Sony PD-150 and ME66/K6 (DV25) Half...

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philper 3rd January 2008
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A picture editing facility - is the bulk of what is done there considered to be Post work? Do these facilities do any audio post...

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PlugHead 17th March 2007


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