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My point is that THX certified speakers are supposed to play what the mixing engineer intended, So I expect all the THX certified...

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georgia 24th June 2014
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I don't know if the question is asked before but I m really getting a chance to take my computer and sound card to a cinema...

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georgia 19th June 2014
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my original release is on 25 fps, but my director wants to shoot some shots on 36 fps and they have to be lip-synced with a song....

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whiteaxxxe 8th June 2014
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I made a song for a movie that has to be lip-synced, I gave them an mp3 format for approval they approved and shot the song with...

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georgia 7th June 2014
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Hello Gearslutz, Looking for a low latency way to stream video of talent from the vocal booth into the control room. Right...

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Hyjek 18th May 2014
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Hi all, Is it possible to know if a burn-in TC is at 23,98 fps or 24 fps? I recall that you could easily locate the drop...

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georgia 15th May 2014
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PRESS: CHICAGO, APRIL 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Source-Live 2.1 with Video Producing ground breaking solutions for audio...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 25th April 2014
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Hey everyone, I've been a home recordist for about 10 years and am wanting to start doing some video as well. Nothing too fancy...

Shannon Adkins
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Shannon Adkins 23rd April 2014
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I just purchased a Panasonic AG-AC130. I'm noticing some motion blur as I look through the viewfinder. There's also some delay...

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steveswisher 28th March 2014
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Avid High Resolution Workflows Discover today's solutions for tomorrow's challenges Hi-res media is evolving, and...

The Press Desk
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apple-q 27th March 2014
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Hi all, I'm just wondering if there is an option any of you know that is like SourceConnect, but not 3k to get. I'll try to...

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jwh1192 22nd March 2014
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The Canon 5D Mark III camera has a stereo mic in but the built in preamp are known to be very noisy! I have read people doing...

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jwh1192 22nd March 2014
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Hi, I am recording a professional development video. Basically just a guy talking for hours in a well lit room with a white...

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georgia 18th March 2014
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Hey all, I am interested in seeing what others use as their backup systems when it comes to large video jobs that have...

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Mundox 27th February 2014
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Hello Everybody, I'm currently assistant editor on Once Upon A Time at ABC, and we have somewhere between 200 and 800 visual...

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conleec 10th February 2014
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I am looking into possibly making an indie film. Just a low budget movie, nothing huge. What would be a good camera to shoot...

mr. torture
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Indy 5th February 2014
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Hi. I am about to begin filming a short and I really want to capture audio to the best of our capabilities. I have dialogue down...

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georgia 25th January 2014
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Hi! I've been messing about, trying to make some of those silly "computer" noises we hear in films and shows such as...

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SveinKB 13th January 2014
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Hi, I recorded a song in Logic and simultaneously video-ed it in iMovie09. Now I'm trying to synch the sound and video and I'm...

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marcross 6th January 2014
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I'm going to be doing video production for business. Aka corporate talking head video, videos of them doing work, etc. NOT movie...

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georgia 30th December 2013
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Hello, I'm a videoproducer, starting a new business in a couple of weeks, and I can't seem to make up my mind on the audio...

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Jaymz 26th December 2013
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Is there a video camera that can record in a similar fashion that an ambisonic microphone does? And then allow the end user to...

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georgia 9th December 2013
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Hey all A friend has asked for some recommendations on 50mbps cameras that are good for documentary production - has to meet...

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maddog 8th December 2013
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I need to know what imac I should get to be able to do some video editing, pro tools mixing, maschine beat making, and some...

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Thomas W. Bethe 3rd December 2013
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Hi all! I recently got a nice little gift from a old german friend. Its a NIZO 561 super 8mm camera. It came with three...

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PatrickFaith 23rd November 2013
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I was asked today if an editor should still use traditional synchronization markers in projects, even low budget ones… I...

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mattiasnyc 18th November 2013
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So I'm a bit of a skeptic about the "amazing" RED camera. I've tried to avoid it in the past, but I just directed a...

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BIGBANGBUZZ 25th October 2013
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Hey guys, I've tried to screen capture daw and sync with audio but there is a problem that prevents me from getting the job done....

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grace26 23rd October 2013
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Im looking at: 1. ScreenFlow 2. Camtasia 3. SnapzProX 4. Screenium Any preference and why? Im looking to do instructional...

Deleted User
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grace26 22nd October 2013
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Hi, I like to use a large screen so that I can set it back between the speakers and not lose my center image. I'm about to go...

Zep Dude
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[email protected] 18th October 2013
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NewBlue Titler Pro: The Total Titling Solution in Media Composer 7 WebinarOctober 16th, 2013 2:00 – 3:00 PM...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 11th October 2013
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Hi there Giles here from Editors Currently we are looking for a few people to Beta test our brand new dedicated...

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GilesEditorsKeys 9th October 2013
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Hi. I'm a noob to video editing and I heard someone saying that you should get a thunderbolt drive to edit to when doing video...

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PatrickFaith 26th September 2013
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does any one here know how to disable the track that i routed on send fx mixer... ?? dominomolo - YouTube ...

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kulaneh 6th September 2013
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Hello guys, I hope its ok to post this here as I usually post my video clips on the Show & Tell section. Together with the...

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saciestudio 24th August 2013
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Hi, I'm very new into sound design for postproduction world. Years worked in the music recording and mixing...

Jimmy Makhaisingh
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Thomas W. Bethe 18th August 2013
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I shot, edited, and sound post on this. I'm looking for constructive feedback so I can improve. All the sound minus the...

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Thomas W. Bethe 18th August 2013
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I don't know where to start.. Well I need to buy a mic that will be used in film production. To get the speaken vocal right in...

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ThisIsSka 12th August 2013
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Hello, A filmmaker has contacted me with regards to a project. I've asked him to supply me with an .omf but he says he cannot...

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ThisIsSka 12th August 2013
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Hello! I've been using the microphone on my DSLR and I just realized what a sin that is to the audio world out there. I'm fairly...

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choond 6th August 2013

Hello, I am an audio engineer that dables in video. I am trying to make some different kinds of videos. My dad was stationed...

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WAVERUNNER 26th July 2013
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So, next week i'm being asked by family to record my little nephew's band at some random bars that they're gigged at -- their...

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Guitarwhisperer 18th July 2013
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I was asked today about creating a DCP delivery by a friend on "slutz"... He always asks the tough questions... so I...

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nucelar 23rd June 2013
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Hello all, I'm wanting to dig heavy into the the production/editing of music videos that I'll be shooting. I was wondering...

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Kerosene 16th June 2013
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Hi all, I am a small corporate video, some on air commercial, media marketing firm. I am in process of arranging gear purchases...

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ppstudios 15th June 2013

Im looking at purchasing a wireless set up, as I have startered to dable in location sound. Ive got fed up with the crap from...

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BIGBANGBUZZ 31st May 2013
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Hi, I'm a newbie at this and hoping to get an idea of available software that can do the adobe after effects time remapping...

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georgia 28th May 2013
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Interesting test done on the audio inputs of both cameras. Might be useful for run n' gun types. Obviously the fundamental...

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Whitecat 23rd May 2013
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I'm having an issue with an OMF coming out of Premier. From my limited understanding of Premier, the editor merged clips at...

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Willeyh 18th May 2013
Avatar for Bill@AudioVision

I'm trying to help an editor export an AAF out of Media Composer and have some questions. He has dropped all related audio -...

[email protected]
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smurfyou 17th May 2013


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